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Canyon Creek Apartments
26310 Southwest Canyon Creek Road, Wilsonville, OR 97070
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MOLD!!!!!!! I typically air out my apartment which helps combat the mold, this is a necessity however in the winter I pay about $250 for electric simply because of airing it out. I went away for New years 2 days and a previously clean window is black with mold. There is so much moisture that the window sill is expanding like a sponge and your food expires way b4 the date. Among this problem they raise your rent $50 at a time MY CARS GET VANDALIZED attempts to break in...this place sucks. 2 plus yrs living here....Im out! My expenses living here total about $1500 after all is paid!!!!!!!!

Last Updated: 01/03/14
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User photo uploaded on 01/03/2014
Agreed,I do not understand this switch in utility billing other than the company that bought the complex-Summit management-is trying to make it easier on themselves and make some money in the process. I have also noticed police cars driving around the parking lot and as a young single female this is cause for concern. I have dogs and am sure to pick up after them and find it disrespectful and gross that other pet owners here do not follow the rules. It's common courtesy, we live in a communal environment so we all need to do our part. I am moving when my lease is up.

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