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Northrup Court Apartments
135 Fern Hollow Rd, Coraopolis, PA 15108
16 User Responses

Empirian property management makes insensitive decisions concerning its tenants. I would avoid any Empirian properties including Northrup Court. I recently renewed a lease and I regret it. Empirian Property Managers hide behind there Apartment managers like THE DISCUSTING COWARDS THAT THEY ARE. They are totally hidden and unaccessible leaving their insensitive decisions to be carried out by the PUPPET site managers. They do not maintain their property and seem to have no pride in the outside appearance. GO TO PINE RIDGE AND RENT FROM AMORE---THEY ARE MUCH BETTER!!!!!

Last Updated: 04/18/10
Yes I totally agree with the negative responses about the property of Empirian. I moved in and the very next month, before I paid the rent, I came home from work at lunch time to retrieve my cell phone which I forgot on the charger. I opened the locked door and behold...there was a strange man in my apartment. I freaked out not knowing what to do cause I never experienced anything like this. I screamed and asked him what are you doing His response was I'm sorry. And he was holding a cell phone to his ear and repeated we gonna need a 2x4 over and over. Now that I think about it,probly was a code word! I asked the manager before I moved in if they changed the locks and was told yes. I immediatly went to Lowes and bought a lock set myself along with a battery alarm for the door. I couldnt go to sleep knowing someone may come in in the middle of the night or when i'm taking a shower. And every time I come home now I very carefully open the door to see if someone is inside.The locks have a date stamped, was 2007 so I know it wasnt changed.The police didnt believe me,and said I left the key on the step!! I lost 4,000 in gold jewelry.I think this was an inside job cause the manager was conviently on lunch. Never let your guard down.I learned a very costly mistake and will not trust that locks are changed, yes I believe this is because they are too cheap to buy new lock sets.I am glad that nothing happened to me,except being scared to death!!
After reading most of the comments, I agree with them. It is true that if you call the City Health Department on them, you will be giving a 30 day eviction. Reason being..."because you went over their head." And that came from a Property Manager! Do not move in to any of Empirian Property Management properties!! I live in Ohio. The photos they post on the internet of how the place looks...I would like to know where are they taking these pictures, because it is not here!! False advertisement! Same thing goes at this apartment complex, 2 of the buildings, the roofs are leaking water. And what did they do? They covered with blue tarps bought at Family Dollar. I can take pictures to prove this. Do yourself a HUGE favor and do not move in to any property that is owned by Emperian Property Management. They lie to suck you in, then once you have signed on the dotted line, you are a nobody to them!! This property is Stonehenge Apartments.
I was a former maintenance technician for EPM of R----, Indiana and I can tell you that I feel sorry for anyone whom rents from these people. I was constantly harassed by my property and dirstrict manager to get things done, which isn't the problem as I love working. The problem is that they expected me to do the job of 3 people alone. Snow plow/removal, apartment turns, 24/7 365 days a year emergency calls, maintenance requests, trash, and all this in a property that's over 30 years old. They never gave me the parts I needed to get a job done...once someones water tank bursted and I needed a replacement..it was the middle of December with sub 10 degree temperature. We had no spares on site, and the response from the district manager Nancy was ''oh well, leave it be and get back to it when you can''...basically meaning that she didn't want to order the thing, or let me go get one so the resident could have water. And, this company denied me personal time twice when I requested to see my mother who was put in the hospital, and when I had drill for the Army and another when I had requested time off to go to a doctors appointment! This company is the most dispicable, dishonest, moralistically challenged and corrupt one I have ever seen. From the Maintenance staff up is bad, so people, it's not just you getting screwed, it's the people who actually have to face you and do what needs to be done that gets screwed too. I would never reccommend this company to anyone. Period.
if you know a little about landlord tenant law, if you a clean person, as far as these bed bug here ,if you don't like big --- ugly dog, and if you hate wake up to people outside talking close to your bedrm. then don't rent anything that is EPM. even if they give it to you.
I agree I had a mold issue and it took 7 months for them to even look at it. They only did because I called health department. Now they want me to move within a day and continue to pay full brent. Plus they still haven't given me a refund on an old propertyh of theirs. The weeds are over 6ft tall.
I'm trying to get back my security deposit can anyboydy give me any advice tips phone numbers anything
It is funny how fast they work when the Better Business Bureau is involved.
A heads up, be prepared to get a lawyer to get your Security deposit back. Yes, if you take it to court THEY will have to pay the lawyer fees and double what you gave them.
I just love the anonymous review of 2/16/2011 - the odds are 100 per cent that it was posted by management. I live in a Florida EPM apartment and I'm leaving at the end of my lease. The roof leaks, and they just put a tarp over it - 6 months ago. They increased my rent. They no longer have professional yard maintenance or professional pest control, and it shows. The additional charges are their way of increasing rent also - does anyone really know what that "liability insurance waiver fee" really is anyways? I am a college graduate and I do not have "low moral character". "Anonymous" classified anyone who tells the truth about these apartments as being a "bad renter" - well I'm not here to insult their precious little souls - I'm just telling you that as a person with a good brain, I'm finished with EPM and their style of management - they are losing a lot of good tenants because of the way they treat people. I'm signing anonymously too - because I want my security deposit returned after I move out and I don't trust them and neither should you.
I am not sure about all of these ratings or reviews but I have never had any issues with where I live in Indiana, EPM property. Management and mtnc are both responsive and the property is well maintained. Apartments are in nice condition. It sounds as if these complainers were bad residents themselves, especially just going off of their replies. Who gives a bad review with such insults besides someone of low moral character? Amazing! Renting at one of these properties is NOT a bad decision unless you are a bad renter because they do not allow non payers or residents that tear things up on their properties. It's real simple.
So true... that the EMP owners and property managers are hidden from their renter's access. Futhermore the managers at the offices will not do their jobs, i.e. take care of buisness in a correct manner. In Columbus, Ohio, the music and noise levels are high. The certain loud tenants will play their car stereos so loud and wake others, who are sleeping. The office says it is not a landlord issue. When you have to sleep so you are rested for work, and can't, you live a miserable life. It happens every night... loud horrible disturbances. Don't live at the Rosewood or Springwood, you will be treated nice at first, then...! Aconcerned citizen in Columbus, Ohio !
This place is starting to look like section 8 property and the behavior of the manager and the property owners is definitely section 8.
Please advised that epm is one of the discusting SLUM LORDS MANAGEMENT CO. in the U.S. If I see a new tenant or someone interested in renting. I tell them no ! Not ever ! They get the 411 and they find it unbelievable.
O so true, my now husband and I never got home till after 7 and when we had a problem, toilet overflowing, heat not working, electric out and we called the "24 hour" emergency number we were geated with what we call " the wizard of oz monkey" he had no idea what to do, bitched about fixing things and smelled like smoke sooooo bad the th entire apartment stunk! Oh think twice about this place and Stephanie the manager is a bipolar nut that doesn't have a life and WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL!! LITERALLY HELL, SHE REALLY NEEDS TO GET A LIFE.....TOTALLY MISERALBE, FAT AND WANTS A MAN.
I agree concerning EPM propertys. We live in Columbus Ohio in one of their complexes. We had a major roof leak that ended up ruining everything stored in the attic (we had renters insurance) and we ended up with black mold grewing all over the attic and into the bedroom closet. Was a mess. Well we had to threaten to get a lawyer to get the issue taken care of. We had to move to another apartment in the middle of a snow storm with no help from this company. I would tell anyone that is going to rent from this company EPM to seriously think twice and google the tenants complaints. You will be really shocked at how this company EPM treats their tenants. We had moved here after owning our home for 8 years and wanted to rent for a year or two to see if we even liked columbus or not. One thing is you can call the Corporate Office in NJ and leave plenty of messages and noone ever calls you back. Finally we got ahold of the District Managers Number and called 3 times and left messages and finally recieved a call back after 4 days. The issue we have with this company is they want their money but in return they really dont want to fix anything. Like the issue we had with the roof leaks was from their POOR MAINTENCE of the property. The worst part is when the property manager tells you she does not have time for your issue. I can honestly say "ALL LEASING AGENTS" are very nice to get you in but when you have a issue you see the true person. Our property manager has 17 years in the business but she could really use some customer service training. I would tell anyone who does decide to rent from EPM to get extra renters insurance. We did and they paid for our 2 weeks in a hotel room, damage to our property. Please do not think EPM is going to pay for anything. "Because they wont". We had the District Manager tell us that they would be help to move us well when it come down to it we was informed that they couldnt touch our property. We are like many others with pets and the main reason we rented from them was we have a 5 year old golden retiever and noone would rent to us over him being a big dog. The reason we posted this is we hope others will research alittle about EPM before they rent from them. This is the best piece of advice I can give you when you have a issue. Do not walk over to the office and tell them. Sit down on your computer or with a piece of paper and type or write down the issue and even take pictures and then walk over to the office. This might save you ALOT of aggraviation.

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