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I'ved lived in Luxor Gardens for almost 3 years, and it's only because I have to relocate for a job and find a new place that I stumbled onto this site. I'm so confused about the previous posts about this community. To start, when the I first moved in, my cousin was living here on the income based program and she was never -Truly, NEVER- treated like trash. Aside from a hefty amount of paperwork, which is to be expected for government programs, she had no complaints, and I understand the paperwork has gotten so much better since --- started working there. Which brings me to my next point: The office staff at Luxor is great. I'll say it again, GREAT. All of them are very professional, nice, helpful, knowledgable and easy to get along with. ----- has a tough job, but she is clearly all about keeping up the integrity and comfort of Luxor Gardens. --- and ---- too! The maintenance team is small, but those guys work SO HARD. I have never had to wait longer than the next day to have a problem corrected in my apartment. A friend of mine applied here and was shown not only the model apartment but a very clean and updated empty apartment, which he'll be moving into very shortly. As far as noise is concerned, obviously you'll have that if you're living in an apartment, but I've never called the cops or CYS on anyone for anything, and I don't know anyone who has. I don't think they charge too much for the services they offer either. I mean I'm living in a great 2 bedroom apartment for $450 a month. Really can't beat it for the neighborhood and home I have. My daughter loves the playground and Luxor is the only apartment place in Johnstown that let us have a dog. I really dont think I'd ever leave if I didn't have to. Personal viewpoint: the previous posts were from disgruntled former residents with nothing better to do with their time.

another fake review from the manager. Nice try to write off the other posts we well. People are just trying to ensure that potential residents are aware of the mess they are getting into if they sign a lease at Luxor Gardens. I certainly wish someone would have told me.
luxor gardens is a joke and i would never recommend that place to anybody!! i've lived there for almost 2 years now and they do nothing but talk and joke around in the office. it is a very bad environment for kids. it is getting worse and worse as the days go by, stabbings, men hittin women and children. all i have seen outside of my building lately is police arresting ppl and ppl fighting outside! this place is starting to get as bad solomon homes! i am now searching for a new home and a better place for my 3 month old daughter and i to live at! and again i would never in a million years recommend this place to anybody i care about! nothing but scams and the apartments are very dirty and disgusting when you first move in. when i moved in, my oven had burnt crusties everywhere and old crumbs left in it, not to mention what it looked like to sauce splattered on my kitchen walls! and my kitchen sink was dusty is just gross! not a safe place thats for damn sure!!!!!

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