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Summit Trace Apartments
27 Summit Trace Road, Langhorne, PA 19047
3 User Responses

Office staff has terrible management and people skills. They may seem nice and helpful to your face but once you leave or get off the phone with them they forget all about you. They really don't give a crap about any of the people living there, they don't see you as a person only as money. No good communication skills there. If you do get through to them when you have an issue or anything it takes an even longer amount of time for them to fix it or respond to your problem properly. Very unorganized and inefficient, not just the management group but also their maintence staff. I'm sure the maintence peolpe would be more helpful and efficient if the front office was more proficient. The only plus about this place is it's in a great location THAT'S IT! I'd rather pay a little more money for a place that actually was well run, respectful, curitious, caring, and helpful. DO NOT RENT FROM SUMMIT TRACE APARTMENTS!!! It'll just be one problem and headache after another, nonstop hassle just to try and live there!

I've been here almost 2 years. Never had a problem with the office staff, but the maintenance men are absolute jerks and don't do a great job. Parking is great, location is great. Two big problems with this place: the clothes dryer exhausts IN the apartment, jacking up the humidity and the storage space is nonexistant. Look at all the balconies with stuff on them - it's not because those people are hoarders - there's very little space! Not worth the price, thanks to the cost of living in that area.
Maintenance men are quick and very nice:)
Wow, pretty shocked, never had an issue. The office staff is great as well as maintenance. I give Summit Trace two thumps up. Great place to live.

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