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Madison Willowyck
1 Marlbrook Ln, Lansdale, PA 19446
5 User Responses

What can I say that hasn t already been said? Willowyck goes through a lot of personnel. I ve only been here a little over a year and in that short time they have been through 3 managers not to mention leasing people who work under them who also come and go. There is no continuity. I liked ------ as a manager, but she supposedly got sent to another Madison apartment (rumor is she got fired though). I have not met ------, the new and latest manager, but I ve heard she is not very pleasant. The overall common denominator with management whether it be the local manager like ------ or the person over them like ----------- is that they do not put the tenant first. Their top priority is squeezing every last dime they can out of their tenants. Overall management is incompetent, unprofessional, rude, greedy, selfish, chatty, and don t follow through with anything. They are fully aware of the Apartment Ratings reviews too. They have a full campaign out posting glowing/perfect ratings while pretending to be tenants in an attempt to boost their image. They wouldn t have to post lies if they took care of their tenants.

I got suckered in at a good rate and then they increased my rent by almost $400 a month. It s my understanding that they do this with everyone. Right now they have a deal where $88 or so moves you in. The problem is that they don t do background checks and the rent to anyone. As a result, when it comes time for rent to be due a lot of people can t pay it which is why there are a lot of evictions here and people leaving in the night. Rent overall, is too much and I know one can do better.

NOTHING is included! On average I pay an additional $300 a month for utilities (water, heat and PECO/electricity). I was told that utilities were cheap here by the leasing agent who I rented from (who also surprisingly is not at Willowyck anymore). That was a blatant lie. Water is almost $50.00 a month, which is more than some people pay for a whole house. Heat in the winter time is about $100 a month (if you keep the thermostat at 65 degrees) and electricity/PECO is usually over $100 a month. In the summer if you run the air conditioning often, you will pay close to $300 a month and at least $200 a month if you run it sometimes.

Overall these guys are good, however they are understaffed and overworked considering how large the complex is. Their snow and ice removal (as stated in a previous review) is terrible. Right now the parking lots are like ice skating rinks. The problem with maintenance is that half the time they do not get repair orders from management so they often take the blame for not fixing problems. Management also prefers they do things cheap instead of the right way.

I am looking into renting from a private owner (either someone who owns a house or condo) when my lease here runs up. For the most part, the apartments in the Lansdale area are subpar with Willowyck leading the way of ineptitude.

Don t rent here! They may seem nice when you come in to look at the many vacant apartments, but don t let them fool you. Once they sucker you in, they will not return your calls or blow off your concerns while also being rude at the same time. I wish there were some truthful ratings on this website before I moved here. It is too late for me, but please heed my warning and look elsewhere. It is not too late for you! If you don t want to listen to this review and all the other truthful reviews (and not all of the glowing management reviews) then you ll have only yourself to blame when you re management s next victim.

--Concerning the gas bill, each unit should be metered. For upper units, the gas meter is in the outside furnace closet of the lower unit. If your gas bill is always very low but one month it is extremely high (almost twice as much as your highest bill ever!) even at then end of the season... If you contact the Madison manager, she may push the problem back to you and tell you to contact the company that 'manages' the gas billing. (in 2009-2010 it was Monitor Data Corp.) If you call the billing company, they will say that previous billings were estimates because the meter reader couldn't get to the meter because it was blocked (which it was not!) This bill was an actual reading so it was to make up for the low estimates. The next month the bill may be just as high!! Which is not at all right because it was an extremely warm month and you only used the heat a few hours for the whole month. If you call the billing company again, they will say this was another estimate they would not give you a refund but will say the meter 'would catch-up' next winter. If you are not renewing your lease, the billing company will give the refund to Madison and you will need to keep on top of them to get your money back! I also heard that when the complex first opened in the 1970's heat was included in the rent too!! ---As far as electricity, each unit should have it's own meter and be directly billed from Peco. some case they may give estimates if they 'are unable to read the meter' for the month. However it does not appear that the appliances or heater/AC are the most energy efficient, esp. in the older units.
It is very true that you may be paying for others' water usage. Water & Sewer had been included in the rent until the late 90s when a previous, yet still a much better management co. adopted it. The manager then even admitted it was a rip-off! The way this scam works is that since it is was 'too expensive' for them to install individual water meters, Madison pays a percentage (15% or something) of the total bill so each tenant pays a smaller amount based on something like the number of people on the lease or the size of the apt. So if someone with the same allotment as you uses much more water, you are paying for them!! Even though Madison did not start this, it has become much, much worse since they began managing the complex in late 2007. The bills had always been reasonable and hardly increased until one month in 2008 they shot up at least 50% for some. The manager looked into this and there was a major leak, they then fixed the leak and made adjustments to following bills. The bills were relatively stable until 2009, when they shot up again. When people called the office, the 'leasing consultant' was very nasty on the phone and told callers to email the manger with the problem. (she is no longer there) This time there was a new Madison manager, even worse than the perky appearance-obsessed manager from 2008. The new 2009 manager replied that there were no signif. leaks (even though there was evidence of leaks in the mains on site being repaired). She claimed that the bills were higher because of 'low occupancy' meaning that because there are fewer tenants each was paying a greater percentage of the total bill! So this time no adjustments were made and the bills have been much higher than before 2008 and would fluctuate wildly from month to month! -Also, I could always tell when the woman in the apartment next to me was smoking. I did not actually see the smoke but could always smell the cigarette odor!!
This review is 100% accurate!! I pay for people to bathe, wash cloths, pool to be filled and ohh yeah I get to live in someone else's smoke because they smoke in their apt. and management doesn't care!! I hate this place and I wish all the office girls good luck in hell!!
I completely agree with the first post. My gas bill was sky high during the winter, as well as my Peco bill. You can request maintenance, but either the request is never handed in or if maintenance does know about it, they either never show up or show up at a time that is not the time promised. They play off each other, blaming someone else for the problem. They are mostly interested in making money, and really couldn't care less about their tenants. It's all business. And - you're lucky if you don't get run down by one of the staff in their fast golf carts on the sidewalks.
My bills do not add up like yours. Three people live in this apartment. Three daily showers, loads and loads of laundry, dishwasher, etc. all total $25 a month in water/sewer. PECO was $70 in the coldest month. I kept my heater on 68 at all times when home. Gas was about $60 a month this winter. I am not sure if your appliances are inefficient or if you like to keep your heater on 85 all day while running every electronic device, but my bills do not come close to what you boast.

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