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Parkford Apartments
601 Parkford Dr, Library, PA 15129
1 User Response

I lived in parkford for a few years n it is a present day payton place its like a real life soap opera I lived n unit 209 n da neighbor above was very loud boisterous overbearing n typical trailor park trash... I had nites where I cudnt sleep I even thought my floor was going 2 xum down becuz of the excess weight.... Even a walk with the baby can be unbearable this one lady in the floor building 20 questioned me and made me feel uncomfortable n wudnt get off my case she iz the neighborhood gossip queen n worse then blanch on the golden girls with the men overall parkford is not a well place you wish to be and I regret living here n the residents r out of control beligerant antchristed people save ur self from these heartless shylocks on parkford drive

lol I think I know who they are!

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