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Parkford Apartments
601 Parkford Dr, Library, PA 15129
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Well it was my first apartment at twenty years old
it wasnt so bad. I will tell you what I didnt like and what to
look out for. First off to get to the laundry room you must
go outside..it really sux in the winter. Second there is noo
storage so pack light and trash often. I dont know whats worse a downstairs apt. where u hear the pitter patter
of feet above and if the toilet overflows your screwed...or
the upstairs apt. where no piece of furniture can fit around
the stair bend and the smell of downstairs fish dinner wafts through the vents..hmm tough call. O yea
theres a really friendly police station pretty much in the
back yard of the place..dont get too close to the fence. One
last thing theres a lot of nosy people so try to stay as private as you can. If you have kids dont live next to
an old person..its not going to work out. Cant have sprinklers, pools nun like that so good luck findn sum
to do. Hey some people have lived and died there..I left after a couple o years..hey you make the call.

Last Updated: 07/11/12

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