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as a dog owner, it shocks me how disrespectful other dog owners are. yeah it's cold out but you still need to clean up after your dogs. some dogs are very aggressive and are frequently off leash. so i don't take my dog for walks anymore out of fear. i've had problems with the front office and the maint staff like other people said so i'm not gonna repeat all that since other reviews cover it very well. i don't like going out at night because i rather frequently hear people yelling/fighting in the parking lot. i've seen cop cars here a few too many times for my liking and i'm gonna look for a new place when my lease is up in a few montsh. parking isn't that great and you'll likely have to park a distance from your apartment with poor lighting in the parking lots but i guess that saves on electricity. overall, i'm looking forward to moving out because of various safety issues.

Also in the rear of the buildings, where everybody's sliding patio doors are located, there is absolutly NO light at all, it's pitch black.
I agree with no lighting in back but that could somewhat be helped by installing lighting on the sides of the buildings. From what i see it appears that the 1 bedroom apts have no lighting at all outside them (other than the individual outside apt lights). Additional lighting could be an improvement that management should welcome from tenants since they say they welcome ideas on improving the community. I don't hear tenants complaining about lighting being up & running they just want MORE lighting. They say to bring safety issues to them but getting them to do something is a much different story. I have yet to see any review from management saying they're working on lighting concerns. This is definitely a safety issue!
02/25/13Manager Response
Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We make every effort to ensure all tenants are following the lease terms and charge a lease violation fee or non-renew residents when we continue to have violations regarding our pet policy. I would like to apologize if you have had any issues with the office or maintenance staff, as we do our very best to make sure all tenant requests are handled properly and in a timely manner. I have seen police cars on the property doing their routine patrol in the past which is a precaution to prevent any crime. Also we do encourage tenants to call the police at any time if needed especially if they have noise complaints such as the ones you mentioned. This seems to be one of the most effective ways to let people know it is not acceptable at any time to be noisy outside for everyone to hear. I encourage you to bring any safety issues to our attention and welcome any ideas on improving our community. We make sure all lighting is up and running at all times, and we do ask tenants to inform us immediately if this is not the case. The North Hills overall is still a great area to live and is considered very safe compared to others, but again no matter where you reside we encourage people to always be cautious. Thank you again for taking the time to post a review.

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