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Bush House Hotel
200 W Broad St, Quakertown, PA 18951
2 User Responses

My God, a Bush House review page. I never knew such a thing existed on the Internet. I lived there from 2003 to 2005. My room was on the second floor near what is called "the sitting area." It's an open room of it's own with windows that some people yap-yap-yap in. There was one guy there who would not shut up. Every other night one of the building security guards would have to tell him to quiet down because he would giggle and laugh all the time. The only time he did shut up permanantly was when the police dragged his --- out of there in 2006 because he was an ex-con hiding out in the Bush House for 4 years with felony warrants out for his arrest that were 4 years old!
Whether it be the paper-thin walls, or the tiny as can be rooms with just a bed, a closet, and a sink: you can always hear your neighbors wherever they are or whatever they say. And since people are allowed to smoke in the building, that is a constant worry to breathe in.
And even if you rent a living space for up to $550 a month, you are expected to share a communal toilet with at least 20 other renters on whatever floor you're on. Right from the start you will find the sink water is undrinkable. From whatever room on the second floor, when you turn on the faucet you can smell what I was told is "Sewer Gas" that leaks into all drinking pipes. And the stink is unmistakable with whatever filth and grime that is in a building 120 years old!
The drunks and mentally ill live there on their welfare checks and social security. They are simple-minded and inconsiderate to the hilt! God help you if you get into a scrape with one of these cruds, they will harrass and hound you to no end. Cliff Lutter the Head Security Guard was a great guy and so was the younger Ron Krauss, also staff member Sam Riland tried to do his job very well even though he is seventy years old. But times got so bad even they had their hands full. In the 2 years I lived there I saw 14 heated arguments that almost went bad, 8 fistfights that "DID" go bad to the point of men being injured, and one night a man was stabbed greivously in 2005 right outside his room on the first floor leading to the outside because lowlife creeps came to "visit" him. And finally, in 2006 a man was murdered in one of the rooms! Because of a simple "disagreement," two grown men went at it and the next thing you know, one is lying on the floor dead! I'm certain these incidents can all be verified by the Quakertown police. And what management staff they do have, whatever your complaints are they fall on deaf ears!
And as a matter of fact, I went to the police when I hit rock bottom. I was desperate and had no other choice but to stay there at the dreadful Bush House. The Quakertown Police saved my life! The police were the reason I was able to move out of that dreadful rathole. The Chief of Police helped me get in touch with Penn Foundation to get social security for my injuries and anxieties, and he helped find me a new home to live in. I am grateful to the Quakertown Police and their sincere caring beyond words! I just hope and pray they can help other people the way they helped me! Now, I can afford to live in a "real home" in another city that has nothing to do with the awful Bush House Hotel. It's not a Hotel, nor is it a house, it's a rooming building where the worst cast of people can always be found.
The Bush House Hotel was one of the worst experiences I ever had, and I wouldn't wish it on anybody! This is no joke, this is no game. People's health and well-being are at stake here, as mine certainly was! Avoid this God forsaken place like the plague!!!!

Er, addiction. ;)
I know who you are dude. I lived in room 203 and you were more crazy them most of the low life scum bags that call that sewer home. You moved to the Red Lion Inn down the street and Jan was the biggest drug & boze abuser going there. I hear she ended up throwing you out of one of her houses because you would like you roomates dog in a closet all the time.

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