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Drake Village Apartment
108 Highland Dr, Titusville, PA 16354
1 User Response

IF YOU RENT AT DRAKES APPT : IN TITUSVILLE PA.- no pet's- they will change your monthly rent WITH A INCREASE when ever they want.THEY WILL CHANGE YOUR LEASE ! They will trap you into a lease, so even when you do move it will cost you..... "BIG TIME" !!!!! THE LAUNDRY ROOMS ARE FITHY. DRYERS & WASHERS WORK VERY BADLY. WINDOWS DON'T WORK. THE PLACE IS OLD, NO FREEDOM AT ALL HERE PEOPLE .......... STAY AWAY 48 UNITS ARE TELLING YOU THIS !!!!!

i have had no such problems with this place. my friend has lived here for 2 years and has had no trouble at all. sounds like you didn't read the lease carefully or didn't understand what it said. they can't change a lease or increase the rent after the lease has been signed. sounds like you need to learn how to read and ask questions before signing your name.

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