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Willow Crest Apartments
714 Woodbury Ln, Whitehall, PA 18052
1 User Response

Well, my one year lease is almost up and I will not be re-newing. The place is okay, but I've live din better. Parking is horrible, I'm always afraid someone will hit or ding my car. The walls are paper thin, I hear my neighbors arguing day and night. The bug situation is the main reason I am leaving though. The day I went to make toast and found ants all over my kitchen was a day I will never forget. I told management they but two combat bait traps in the kitchen, that was their solution. Well, the ants just moved futher into the apartment making their way into the bathroom. I woke up one morning to find a nest in the bathroom cabinet, they were all over my toothbrush. Thankfully winter came and I have not seen the ants since, however, the spiders, the 1000 legged sliverfish, and countless black bugs still reside in the place. I don't dare bring family or friends over. If you enjoy insects then you will like willow crest, if not take my advice keep looking. God forbid I ever see a roach, management will have a lot to answer for.

I'm also have the ants problem, and decide to leave. They let me pay for one and a half rent penalty!!!!!Such a bad management, I don't know whether I can get my security deposit back.

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