135 Hambleton Road, Montgomery, AL 36117
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From: -Anonymous-
Date posted: 10/12/2011
Years at this apartment: 2010 - 2011
The rent is cheap but you really get what you pay for here. The management is a JOKE. The women in the office are completely incompetent, have no idea what they are doing nor do they care, and are just generally a pain to deal with. I lived here for a year and we had tons of maintenance problems. I came home one day to find my bedroom door ripped off and men in my house without ANY notification whatsoever. When I complained to the front desk they basically told me I was overreacting. They will ROB you when you move out. We paid two $200 pet fees when we moved in. There were some stains on the carpet and we were charged with replacing the whole thing when we moved out. We were told when we moved in that pet fees cover any damages caused by the pet. When we asked what they were thinking they said that the pet fee was for insurance in case the dog bit one of their employees. So with the combined pet fees plus our security deposit they got $600 dollars from us but still demanded that we pay for the carpet. Neighbors are lousy. One man continually threw used condoms out of his window which my dogs tried to eat. When I pointed this out to management they did absolutely nothing about it. My roommate and I found several bags with a picture of a weed leaf on them in the parking lot on multiple occasions. Not sure what that was about but we were very uncomfortable seeing them lying around. Depending on what side you live on, your apartment might back up to some old railroad tracks that all manner of people walk around on at night. This area is separated by a very old chain link fence that is falling down and missing whole sections. Strange people can just walk right in to the complex and on to your porch. On the Taylor Crossing side the pool and workout room are in desperate need of cleaning and repair. DON'T LIVE HERE!!
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