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Apartment Ratings and Reviews in Phoenix, AZ

17,269Ratings & Reviews
51%City Average
$675 - $1,003 up $30 this yearEstimated rent for 1-bedroom
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Palm Aire Apartments

6241 North 27th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85017

07/15/14 by anonymous: I've only lived here for 3 months and I dislike it sooo much. Since I've been here the toilet was broken it would leak alot of water everytime we flushed. It took them a week to fix it. The refrigerator has broken pieces since I'ved moved in still hasn'nt been fixed. Then, there was no hot water for 3 weeks cause maintance had a long list of work. When they finally came to more


Fountain Creek

2015 West Cactus Road, Phoenix, AZ 85029

06/27/06 by cshurtado: First of all these apartments at first were nice for us, until they went through managers like crazy. We have been here for 3 years and have had at least 5 managers.
We have also had problems with kids stealing our caps from our tires and also caught kids looking into residents cars including ours. When we told the office they just looked at us and said we cant do anything about it. And we more


Fountain Head Apartments

4326 North 35th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85017

01/29/14 by anonymous: Its a piece of shit here!!! People steal your stuff,cars get broken into,the water gets cold FAST!!SO MANY STUPID DRUGGIES HERE!! DIRTY,NO security!! Cops always there!! To many fights!! I DONT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!! SO MANY COCKAROACHES,BEDBUGS N GHETTO!! more


Mountain Vista

358 East Roeser Road, Phoenix, AZ 85040

09/23/14 by anonymous: The level of Unprofessional service I have received at these apartments has proven to be an absolute nightmare!!! The "Apartment Manager" NORMA has proven herself as being the most hostile, rude, inconsiderate female that I have ever came in contact with!!! When a maintenance issue is brought to her attention, she lashes back by accusing you of lying and has on more than one occasion, more


Wilshire Place Apartments

6721 North 25th Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85017

02/05/14 by anonymous: Livin here was like living in a bad episode of PLANET OF THE APES!!!! Nosey neighbors, criminal activity, police raids, unruly & unmonitored children, ruthless management, slumlording,etc... Do yourself and your family a favor and RUN SCREAMING IN THE OTHER DIRECTION! Not worth it if the rent is free. more


West Town Court Apartments

8400 W. Virginia Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85037

01/07/14 by anonymous: moved in on 12/2013 and will be out next month 01/2014 It's an awful area. the apartment is pretty much like any other place but the area itself it ghetto and poverty stricken. a lot of immigrants that have little education or class and haven't learned to behave in society of America yet. As far as gang shooting and drug get that included free. If you have any complaints more


Loma Bonita Apartments

1301 E Mountain View Road, Phoenix, AZ 85020

03/02/14 by anonymous: This use to be a nice place. They changed to Valley Inc. Properties and I think they are so desperate to have all apartments filled that they let anyone move in. Never once did we have police but in past 2 months they are here every day. They have meth labs and prostitutes working out of apartments strange men coming and going cant trust your kids outside. At least half the complex is drug more


Desert Sky Village

4620 West Mcdowell, Phoenix, AZ 85035

11/27/13 by anonymous: I am staying here right now. I've lived here for almost a year my lease is up in January. && i would NOT RECOMMEND theses to any one! when i first moved in i was really excited about living there because it looked so nice and quiet with no roaches. i was WRONG! my apartment wasn't ready when i moved in still no improvements have been made to my apartment from the inside. there has been 3 more


Twin Palms

4323 North 27th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85017

05/11/14 by Jojochapa: They rent to loud,noisy people who like to play rap music loud, all night long. If you are white they will charge you more. There is no set rental price, they make it up depending on what you look like. The pools are nice, but that is about the only thing. There are no stoves in the apartments ,they give you a hot plate to cook on. People break into cars every night. A lot of more


Arbor Creek Apartments

3408 West Glendale Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85051

07/24/14 by anonymous: This is a low income complex in a not so nice neighborhood, so obviously things won't be perfect. When I first moved in, things were not that bad. But recently in the last few months this complex has gone down and lacks maintenance of most the basic things. For the past 5 months, it seems that as long as you pay your rent, you can do whatever you want. Want to use your patio as a junk yard? more

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