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04/23/2014I moved into the Barrington Regent Apartments a couple years ago because they were in my price range, close to work, and were a secure residence in downtown Phoenix. However, the property needed some tender love and care to fix multiple issues, which were never truly addressed by the prior management. The Barrington Regent has now been under new management for a few months, and real changes and improvements are readily apparent here. The grounds are kept well-maintained and looking nice throughout the year, the community has recently installed a new fitness center with a community lounge area (including free ... Full ReviewYES5.0
04/23/2014I have a unit that has a private patio had requested yard maintenance for over a year from the prior management team, which was never addressed. They either did not respond or said they would take care of it, only ... Full ReviewYES4.0
04/03/2014I've lived here since February 2013. For the first 9 months, it was a mess, as there was a problem getting hot water in both the kitchen and bathrooms. None of my requests were dealt with, even with a 10 ... Full ReviewYES3.0
03/12/2014I've been living at Barrington Regent for eight and a half months and now feel qualified to write a review. The property is not very well maintained. As another reviewer said, there has only been one maintenance person until recently ... Full ReviewNO2.0
03/03/2014I am currently staying here. I wanna get out of it but could not make it early. No space for kids to play...like prison.... To Manager : Tifanee : i dont have any word. she is arrogant and never listen to ... Full ReviewNO1.0
07/11/2012 My 94 year old mother lived at that "Barrington...NO3.0
08/20/2011 I realized that this place is sorely understaffed....NO1.0
10/18/2010 The maintenace is in disarray and they charge way too...NO3.0
09/29/2010 I have been here for 6months and am so excited to be...NO2.0
04/11/2010 I have been living here a few months now, and can...YES5.0
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The Barrington Regent (Formerly Que Bonita Apartments) is an apartment community located in Phoenix , AZ . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Fountain Head Apartments ( 0.8 miles), Canyon Woods ( 1.3 miles), and Pine Ridge ( 1.4 miles).

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