645 Lantana St, Camarillo, CA 93010
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03/26/2014I honestly can say I haven't had a better living experience. I loved to california with my now ex-husband and Villa Camarillo was out first apartment here. After I joyously divorced the loser, I was in a pickle at finding a new place to live on my own. Monica and Veronica simply wonderful and beyond accommodating at quickly helping me to find a new apartment within the complex. I never have ever had trouble at all with anything within the management office. They're quick to respond to any questions or concerns. The Maintenance team was always fantastic and prompt. Three ... Full ReviewYES5.0
03/08/2014These are my personal Pros and cons Pros: -(Semi) affordable living for Camarillo -Nice Balcony size, especially downstairs -Covered car parking -Quick to respond to maintenance calls -Spacious kitchen for rent cost. Cons: -They look for excuses to leave threatening notes on your door. You will get ... Full ReviewNO2.0
02/17/2014No problems at all. We must live on the good side of the community because people are clean and quiet and nice. Each time the lease is signed, or if something breaks (like never) they do an inspection and fix ... Full ReviewYES4.0
01/16/2014I moved to Villa Camarillo in 2013! Before moving, I carefully searched everywhere because I was trying to find a place that was less than $1200 a month. Villa Camarillo Apartment rents this perfect Junior One Bedroom apartment and it ... Full ReviewYES5.0
11/24/2013nice place, awesome location. After a year plus of living here the only thing that has bothered me is some of the road maintenance near by, lol. ... Full ReviewYES4.0
10/04/2013 My lease is almost up and I am anxious to get out of...NO2.0
01/02/2013 Do not live there! They do not return your deposit after...NO1.0
10/10/2012 Camarillo Villa was an average apartment complex,...NO2.0
04/24/2012 I have lived here for over a year. I'm very happy...YES3.0
04/01/2012 I am a current resident finishing up my second year...YES5.0
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Villa Camarillo is an apartment community located in Camarillo , CA . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Camarillo Oaks ( 0.2 miles), Hacienda De Camarillo Apt ( 0.2 miles), and Rosewood Apartments ( 0.4 miles).

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