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The Preserve at Blue Ravine

1005 Blue Ravine Road, Folsom, CA 95630
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I moved in to the Pinnacle (now called the Preserve at Blue Ravine) a couple of months ago and have so far had a great experience. We were a bit wary at first because we moved from a house to an apartment, so probably expected the worse in terms of apartment living. We have been pleasantly surprised however by our experience. The staff is always polite, although I've only encountered them a couple of times when they received packages for us. Our apartment was well-maintained, and best of all, we have a gorgeous view of the nature area and access to a bike/walking trail just steps away. It's very quite and peaceful, except for the occasional noise from an upstairs neighbor, although it's not at the outrageous or bothersome level. The amenities are great, and it's nice to see so many families here, it gives the place a more "home" like experience. Although parking is unassigned, my husband and I have never had problems parking our cars nearby. Right after we moved in, the place was sold to another company, and since then there have been external improvements - they've pressure washed the outside and replaced some siding and painted. They're also good about cleaning up the walkways and keeping the shrubbery cut and looking nice. All in all, I've had a great experience so far, and for those who'd like to get more exercise, the gym that's opened 24 hours and proximity to the bike trail is a big bonus (I've already lost a few pounds!)

I would highly recommend the Preserve - the ONLY reason I moved was because my husband and I finally bought a house. I'm going to miss my apartment - I had the best view from my living room - in my opinion probably the best location in the whole complex. The management was always professional and friendly, they constantly made an effort to have resident appreciation days, the complex was always kept up nicely, and I never had any problems with my neighbors. I wouldn't be surprised if they renovated my apartment (although it was in great condition) - someone's gonna luck out like we did and get the best unit in the place!!

Last Updated: 11/06/09
what was your apartment number? how close is the apartment complex to shopping, grocery stores,etc?

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