2000 Walnut Ave, Fremont, CA 94538
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11/05/2013Presidio sucks!!! These people are clear cheats and have no intention of returning back the deposit. We kept the apartment extremely clean with even the kitchen tops perfectly white. But these people have clearly pre decided on not returning any deposits back. During inspection they say the apartment is pretty clean and only normal cleaning needs to be done and charged...But guys ..don't be fooled..Once you move out, they will charge for unnecessary things..I don't suggest anyone to rent there...Shame on their management.. ... Full ReviewNO1.0
05/09/2013My mom rented here for nearly two years. She moved here out of necessity and when she first moved in it seemed like a very lovely place. The grounds were nice and the two pools are a great amenity. Over ... Full ReviewNO1.0
04/09/2013Unfortunately, I have to give this apartment complex an undesirable review. Although the layout of the apartments are nice and the larger units have ample natural light, the fixtures and equipment are old and in need of replacement, the cabinetry ... Full ReviewNO2.0
03/31/2013I dont recommend this community to anyone. They take some amount as security deposit but there are no intentions to give it back. They show some or other charges and fill the deposit amount. And please be careful with your ... Full ReviewNO1.0
03/20/2013I have lived here for almost three years and haven't had any of the problems I have seen listed here. The other tenants I have seen have always been very responsible and respectful. The management has always been friendly and ... Full ReviewYES5.0
01/20/2013 I stayed for 1.5 years in apartment and moved out. While...NO1.0
03/28/2012 A couple friends and I rented from Presidio for about 6...NO1.0
01/12/2012 You like to get robbed for convenience of BART ,...NO2.0
11/30/2010 This place is awful. Yes, there are good...NO1.0
10/03/2010 There are many bad reviews here, and I'm sure...NO1.0
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Presidio Apartments is an apartment community located in Fremont , CA . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Presidio Apartments ( 0.0 miles), Mission Peaks Apartment Homes (formerly Red Hawk Ranch) ( 0.1 miles), and Mission Wells Apartments ( 0.2 miles).

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