344 West Nees Avenue, Fresno, CA 93711
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03/08/2014Yes on the first day they will be very nice and charming but once you sign your lease everything will be HELL. 1-Security-So many incidents of car thefts,car breaks,house breaks and also clothes were stolen from laundry.The management wont let you know but your neighbors will tell you.The gates are open 24/7 and anyone can come in and steal your properties.Even homeless people are allowed to check the trashes and in their way if they can find something interesting they will take the chance. 2-Neighbors-Beware many drug dealers leave here.You can see teenagers coming in and out throughout the day doing their ... Full ReviewNO1.0
09/08/2013Lived here for about year and a half and never regret it. Very nice place to live, quiet, excellent maintenance staff and well kept gardens. Never had a major incident only some noise at night but security patrol would be there in ... Full ReviewYES4.0
08/28/2013I wish I would of moved across the street. I moved to Terrace View this past June, BIG MISTAKE!!!!! The grounds are nice but the gardeners always blow dust on the cars. You tell the staff & it's no big ... Full ReviewNO1.0
04/03/2013I toured these apartments and I chose NOT to live here. The layouts are TERRIBLE and make no sense. I saw the price and thought it was too good to be true and I was right. The person who gave ... Full ReviewNO1.0
10/05/2012I lived here for 4 years and looking back on this place I loved it. This was my experience: Year 1, no issues what so ever. I remember moving in on the first day (a Friday morning) and thinking this ... Full ReviewYES5.0
07/11/2012 I loved it here, I just moved out today because...YES5.0
03/07/2011 I lived at Terrace View for a year. The apartments have...YES4.0
07/30/2010 Terrace View apartments are close to the shopping of...YES4.0
08/18/2009 My husband and I recently moved out of Terrace View we...YES5.0
08/16/2009 I lived in Terrace View for a year! The apartments are...YES4.0
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Terrace View Apartments is an apartment community located in Fresno , CA .

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