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Los Angeles Apartments

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Gloria Homes/Bali Apartments

4928 W Martin Luther King Jr, Los Angeles, CA 90016

05/16/13 by onebinrob: We our new tenants with a two-bedroom-one bath upper unit. We have been here for about one month. I find that the apartment size is just right for my family. We do face a busy street, but once all windows are closed, we barely hear outdoor sounds. I love that the windows are spacious and surrounds my unit. Another benefit is that I do not share any command walls with my neighbors. The more


Alexandria Park Apartments (formerly Belford Park Apartments)

8809 Belford Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90045

06/19/09 by I lived here for one year an enjoyed it at first, Management gets changed alot here! First red flag!, Security is horrible, RENT IS INSANE FOR THE SIZE OF THE APARTMENT!. When and if you do move here, dread the day you move out. They will take their sweet time to get you youre deposit back and then claim you have damaged the apartment!. I have been waiting for a month and a half more


Renaissance Tower

501 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90015

10/24/13 by anonymous: (1) My rent for a STUDIO is $1680. On top of that, I pay for internet and electricity...and yes, also trash and water. IF YOU PLAN ON MOVING HERE, MAKE SURE TO ASK THE LEASING AGENT EXACTLY WHAT YOU WILL BE PAYING FOR BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT TELL Y OU IF YOU DON'T ASK. I chose to move here because I thought $1680 was an okay price since parking is included but no one told me I more


Mansfield Square

1318 North Mansfield Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038

04/07/13 by anonymous: ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Do not rent at the Mansfield Apartments. The "Manager", Alex is an AWFUL person. Everything looked good when we signed our contract. It all started to go wrong, REALLY quick. Things started breaking. Between robberies, the homeless in the parking garage, lobby and all areas of the apartment it is a complete NIGHTMARE. The elevator breaks ALL the more


Park Overland Apartments (formerly 2600 Overland Apartments)

2600 Overland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90064

02/02/14 by anonymous: It used to be great, susan the manager is great! But ever since Moss and Company took over, it's been he'll. they raise the rent twice a year, don't rent here!!! more


Rodeo Apartments

6619 Leland Way, Los Angeles, CA 90028

12/06/13 by emmiefan: The maintenance crew are the only positive thing in this building. They're great & very helpful. The alleged on-site manager is NEVER in the office. There are loud parties on the weekends that last till all hours. Partiers congregate in the courtyard and get really loud. It echoes. You can hear every word & guffaw even with you windows closed. You hear dogs barking and kids crying more


Westside Tower at Culver City (formerly Keystone Place Apartments)

3740 Keystone Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034

08/02/07 by anonymous: After living here a month I got a surprise bill from a 3rd party billing company called AUM. The bill was for water/sewer/trash. They were nice enough to charge me a $10 activation fee as well as a $3 admin charge. I figured I would just pay it so I go online and sure enough there is a $5 fee for paying with a credit card. I'm really having a hard time swallowing $13 in fees for a bill more


Graystone Manor

1425 N Sierra Bonita Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

08/27/13 by Elevator seems to be broken every week. They also allow broken down cars to be in the garage with expired tags as well. Very loud community, but is expected to be when it is just a block from Sunset Blvd. more


Park West Apartments

9400 La Tijera Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

05/16/14 by anonymous: Please don't give any more money to this apartment company. I made the mistake of staying because it is such a hassle to move and they lured me in with a low $400 deposit. I had just moved to California and was so tired of looking for apartments and living in a hotel that I took the bait and at first lived in a studio. It was dark and noisy. I can't tell you how many times I called more


St. Tropez Apartments

1237 N. Sycamore Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038

12/08/11 by LArenter6459: There seem to be claims of a management change since I lived here, but it looks like it's still run by HMMY Management, which is the same management that ran it when I lived here. Besides all of the issues with living conditions, which have already been addressed in the reviews below (my main issue was the constant smell of dog pee in the elevator and hallway), the biggest one more

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