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Los Angeles Apartments

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Hughes Regency Apartments

3665 Hughes Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034

07/27/11 by anonymous: The lady at the front is a terrible person and can't spell customer service. more


Huntington Hacienda

4688 Huntington Drive South, Los Angeles, CA 90032

06/11/12 by anonymous: These apartments were what was affordable at the time. Unfortunately, that was the only thing going for them. The units are riddled with roaches to an unbelievable extent. The whole unit could use a tent, but that would be costly and would put a lot of families out. The neighbors were friendly for the most part, but the gang affiliation made for a very unpleasant feeling. Never really more


Jbr Development

1371 S Beverly Glen Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024

11/05/11 by lagirl222: The building itself was great and the onsite manager is wonderful. However, management is horrible. They are completely redoing the building, which will be great when it is done, but now it is barely liveable. They posted one sign on the elevator less than 24 hours before they told the entire apartment they would have to leave our front doors open for at least an hour after they were more


Keystone Apartments

3343 Keystone Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034

10/26/09 by anonymous: This is the place to live if you want half-assed repairs, done way too slowly. These repairs are made by maintenance guys who don't return tenant repair calls, yet seem to think that having a key is all the advance notice needed for entrance to your apartment. There's rusty water in part of the building when the water hasn't run for a while. (The landlord will arrive early more


Keystone Mentone Apartments

3767-3777 Mentone Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Kingsley Apartments on S Kingsley Dr

333 S Kingsley Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90020

04/16/12 by anonymous: I do not recommand this apartment. Manager and staff has a bad manner. They don't have a basic manner. Be careful. They only say "hello" with strange smile. Manager's husband is cleaning the apartment to make the money. Everyday, Homeless People came to parking lot and stealing something in your car even though security there. I lost 2 times in the car. handyman(Hispanic guy) more


Kingsley Court Apartments

1712 N. Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027

03/04/09 by anonymous: What a crappy year, I would have gotten out earlier if I could. (One year lease). First off the property is infested with pests and vermin. I had a mouse run into my apartment and cockroaches own the place. County Health Inspectors came around multiple times in my year there. My bathroom ceiling caved in because of a water pipe leak from above, the job to fix it was slow and inadequate more


Kingsley Diplomat Apartments

730 S. Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90005

09/04/13 by anonymous: New manager - rarely picks up her phone, rarely in her office, has let someone into my apartment without notice/permission (mind you I just stepped out of the shower as this guy was walking into my apartment), people have broken their lease and lost their deposit because of her. Parking - manager occupies THREE parking spots and claims she does not know what you are talking about more


Kingsley Plaza

444 S Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90020

11/06/11 by realestategoon: My car got broken into, my apartment for some reason always smells like cigarettes even though I dont smoke, the hot water is always being shut down, the manager has done nothing to address these issues because the office is always closed and they never answer the phone, moving out as soon as my lease is over more


Kingswood Apartments

5173 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

05/05/06 by anonymous: if you like the on and off drifting aroma of cheap thai food restaurants and russian cuisine with a view of the part of hollywood no one thinks about in the term "home of the stars" then youll love this spacy studio catered to low income people. but beware of the roaches that seem to take up the first couple levels of the building. (theyve put up quite a fight for it) more

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