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Mansfield Square
1318 North Mansfield Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038
Apr 7, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Do not rent at the Mansfield Apartments. The "Manager", Alex is an AWFUL person. Everything looked good when we signed our contract. It all started to go wrong, REALLY quick. Things started breaking. Between robberies, the homeless in the parking garage, lobby and all areas of the apartment it is a complete NIGHTMARE. The elevator breaks ALL the ...Full review of Mansfield Square
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Sunset Plaza Drive Apartments
1211 Sunset Plaza Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90069
Jun 30, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
Apt are only valuable by location alone. "luxury" is a set of bargain appliances and warehouse discounted carpet and fixtures. by no means other then location is this complex worth the money. your prices the same as other units no matter views or ability to even use your balcony due to traffics and soot covering your space. its not worth the time or money with comparable on the market. ...Full review of Sunset Plaza Drive Apartments
Rated Good:MaintenanceOffice Staff
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Eaves Los Feliz
(formerly Archstone Los Feliz)
3100 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027
May 2, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
Worst apartment I have ever lived at! There is no parking & the noise is absolutely horrible! The women and the gay guy in the office are horrible people and constantly harass the tenants. There are tons of noisy kids running around, and the apartment facilities are very low class. Everything is cheap such as the cardboard doors, the cheap floors and disgusting kitchens. WAY OVER PRICED. ...Full review of Eaves Los Feliz
Rated Bad:Construction
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(formerly Villa Azure)
5700 West Centinela Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Oct 6, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
BAD BAD STAFF........I will NOT recommend this property to anyone because of their STAFF.....unprofessional, extremely unwelcoming ...Full review of Alessio
Rated Good:Grounds
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Sun Dial Glendon
3670 Glendon Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034
Feb 18, 2014 - makingshows@gmail.com said:
So, my rent is due on the 15th of the month, and the lease states a 5-day grace period. I went out of town for the holiday, and did not return until the 18th. My plan was to drop off my rent check on the afternoon of the 18th, still falling within my grace period. At 7:25 on the morning of the 18th, I received an angry voicemail from Pedro, the on-site manager, ...Full review of Sun Dial Glendon
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