3520 Hughes Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034
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From: bala4321
Date posted: 5/11/2011
Years at this apartment: 2011 - 2011
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beware of the elevator when you move in. There was 2 working elevators before we moved in. Soon after we moved in, one of the elevator broke down for months and months. There was a point where there was no working elevator in the building for a long time. this is very frustrating for me if i wanted to move things into the building. the stairs does not have easy access.

I've lived there for 2 yrs and when i was about to move out, the manager kept showing my apartment to other people even with our stuff in the house. there was numerous times when i found my door unlocked when i got home because the manager forgot to lock the door after showing our apartment to other people. they should be getting our permission to show our apartmnent even though we did not want to give permission, the staff called multiple times and once showed our apartment without our permission. I was too busy then to even mention or sue the manager for showing our apartmnet without permission. we had a really bad experience and wanted to leave the apartment as soon as possible.

The apartment required a month of deposit and they only returned us less than 1/2 of our monthly deposit for paint and cleanup that should be part of the wear and tear. The apartment was returned in a excellent condition, we just did not got a chance to shampoo our carpet since they kept on showing our apartment to other people. We even returned our apartment way ahead of time, but they still took our money.
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From: Georgyboycal1967 Date: 09/13/2013
This place is a welfare complex after a closer look. Filled with dogs and noise of all kind. It seems some people are here all the time when you need to go to work. Even on weekends there is someone on the 3 floor always singing. It sounds like a opera lesson. Sometimes I hear females or men singing together. I am not an expert in opera but it is just awful especially when you want to relax after a hard week of work. The manager does not care but anything. Even when his undocumented workers cannot fix your stuff in the apartment. Lulu is the one of the managers there. She does not have a second name one could assume she is undocumentated here. She works with these other questionable workers who come into your apartment and leave the door open after you have arrived from work in the evening. That happened even twice. After I have moved, Fari the general manager charged me on cleaning up the place. Do not expect to get your deposit back, guys. In conclusion I 've forgot to mention that there are always problems with the pipes.
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