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ReNew at the Shops (formerly Promenade Apartments)
28032 Marguerite Parkway, Mission Viejo, CA 92692
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Run away as fast as you can. I should have known better after I read the reviews on this place, but I decided to make my own judgment and not rely on what I assumed to be reviews made by bitter tenants. I was wrong.

Let me just start out by saying that almost everything that Promenade advertises is a joke. If you listen to their speech on the hold music, they refer to "plush landscaping", "state of the art fitness center" and other amenities. Our grass has been dead and muddy since the day we moved in, over a year ago. There is constantly vomit, dog waste, broken glass and other trash all over the property and in the grass. Their fitness room consists of a total of two treadmills, one bike and a weight center. Most of the time this equipment is broken or missing parts. They also refer to spacious floor plans. This is a joke. Only the two bedroom apartments are spacious. That is one out of their three floor plans. They also boast of their secured property because the complex is gated. There are two exit gates-one on either side of the property, and a main entrance and exit gate at the leasing office. 99% of the time, the gates are broken and locked open. People constantly are coming in the exit gates (which are one way and the size of one car) which is extremely dangerous, not to mention that the entire back of the complex backs up to the Saddleback College parking lot and is completely wide open, not even fenced off at all, which is ridiculous because people come over the hill into the complex all the time. Very unsafe.

It started off bad-we never had anyone come in and do our initial walk-through with us. Well we should have because we ran out of room on the check list and had to make our own check list on the back side of the 11"x17" paper...and let me tell you, that paper was FULL. We had mold under our kitchen sink which was there before because the bottom of the cupboard was rotting and warped and they painted over the damage. When we approached the office for help, we were told to "try to fix it ourselves" and if that didn t work, to call them back. We had at least four electrical outlets that did not work and didn t even have covers securely fastened, cracks and holes in the walls, paint and caulk over hair stuck to bathroom surfaces, the oldest dishwasher and oven you can possibly imagine, missing grout, filthy closets, we cannot open our oven door without opening our refrigerator door because there is not enough room in the kitchen and there is a drawer and a cabinet door that will not open because the oven is in the way. There were Del Taco hot sauce packets in a drawer when we moved in...really, could they have been any more careless?

Parking is absolutely atrocious. A group moved into a vacant apartment next to me (a one bedroom apartment). This group consisted of two adult women, one adult man, one elderly man and three children. Then, a group moved into another apartment next to me, again a one bedroom. This group consists of two young adults, one adult man, one elderly man and two children. These people constantly blare their music, leave their windows wide open, let their children run rampant and do whatever they want, and have parties until whatever hours of the morning they desire. Promenade provides "security", which I have never once seen and brought this point up to the office manager, who clearly did not care, as I still have yet to see any type of security, here two months later. There are so many low-income families cramming multiple adults into an apartment and so many students cramming people into apartments that parking is just not adequate. The parking was not designed for 5 cars per one bedroom apartments. There are constantly people parking on red curbs, blocking other cars in, double parking, etc. and this is never addressed or enforced.

The office staff is a nightmare. It is not unusual for apartment staff to have a lot of turnover, but I don t even know who our manager, assistant manager or maintenance people are now and I have been there over a year. They are extremely unprofessional. I have had multiple packages delivered and the carrier has brought them to the office, which I hate. I track my packages online and can see who (at the office) signed for them. One time I called the office and the girl who answered said that my package had not yet been delivered. I checked online and saw that my package was signed for and called her back to tell her that she was the one that signed for it and I d like her to check again. She admitted that my package was there, but it was too close to closing time and I could not come pick it up. It was 4:45 pm! Then when I got into the office, I find that some of the packaging paper and wrapping paper had been ripped off and when I look at her to question her she states "It was like that when it got here". Then she offers her ideas of what she thinks the package inside is. Thanks, it was a Christmas gift for me, I m glad you ruined it.

All in all, everyone I know that has lived at this complex, currently lives there or knows/knew someone that has lived there knows how bad it is. Just stay far, far away. I know it is enticing because it is cheaper than most apartments around the area, but just keep looking; your sanity is worth the extra $50 a month.

Last Updated: 05/09/08
Everything in the above paragraphs is true. This place completely sucks! Not to mention the traffic you have to put up with to turn right on Avery to get onto the freeway. The only positive experience about this place was Dino Tubin, a very professional & personable lease consultant. Otherwise, stay far away from this place, it's loaded with minority families who allow their children to play unsupervised out in the parking lots.
I live here, my patio has NOT been done nor has the paint. Outside parking is NOT great there is only a dozen "guest" spaces outside for the ENTIRE complex. If you dare have guests over after 8:00 and they park within the gates they will be towed without warning. The staff is completely unprofessional and rarely return phone calls if you have a problem with noisy neighbors or maintenance. "Landscaping" is full of trash, dog droppings on sidewalks, pool is nasty and the laundry rooms are filthy. Noise is a constant problem as are the amount of police in and out constantly making arrests. Booming cars with obnoxious stereos at all hours, partying gangs of teenagers raoming at all hours, overcrowded apartments with multiple familes living inside. People will also park in your carport and you will have to wait for upwards of an hour to get response to have them towed while you are forced to wait in your car because there is nowhere else to park. Then, you will have to pay the price of having your car vandalized from the person who's car you towed! It is screamingly obvious that the post was written by a staff member. I have lived here seven years, and have had nothing but one nightmare after another. If I could afford to move, I would be gone tomorrow!

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