707 Continental Cir, Mountain View, CA 94040
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From: -Anonymous-
Date posted: 6/25/2009
Years at this apartment: 1999 - 2009
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This used to be a great place to live..not anymore

Last updated: 6/25/2009

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User Responses

From: Anonymous Date: 06/25/2009
Right on! Your ratings agree with mine completely. What a shame to see what once was considered to be the premier rental property in Mountain View now taken down to this level. The Americana is now the private playground for the manager and her staff, who gleefully romp and stomp on the residents, depriving them of a clubhouse for 10 months now, with no real end in sight. The once lovely lobby with a great view of the pool and grounds has now been taken over by Prometheus as their leasing office and the residents are to be shifted to a "multi-­purpose room" with no view, instead of access to use of the old Lobby location with its now non-­existent comfortable sofas, chairs, large fireplace and large bookshelves, TV, etc. They seem to overlook the fact that it is the rent payments of the residents that fund Prometheus salaries and pay the owners. Instead, Prometheus and the owners bite the hands that feed them. It would be great to see the residents, as their leases expire, move on to other, better apartment homes and thus deprive management and the owners of their lifeline-­-­MONEY. This would be the most direct route to positive change. If Prometheus can't meet their quotas, perhaps the Americana owners will then see the light and put in their own management, directly reporting to the owners, who then hopefully would decide to consider carefully the true source of their income from the Americana-­-­its RESIDENTS. Prometheus management has jeopardized the future of the Americana indefinitely. Now the best answer that unhappy residents can give is to leave for better places, thus shrinking Americana income and profits. I've given this answer, and I'm glad. Come on over to better apartment living, everybody! The water's fine!
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From: Anonymous Date: 07/02/2009
wow! a smart one finally! please move out and let the 95 percent of us happy renters be rid of you! stop knocking on my door to join your group.
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From: Anonymous Date: 08/06/2009
This is a response to the one talking about 95% of the people are happy to be rid of the "complainers". YOU are a liar! Prometheus Group are a bunch of SLUMLORDS! You nust be one of the lowlifes that are helping to run this nice place in the ground. Now I know it is hard for you to leave your "trailerpark" habits behind but perhaps YOU would move and then the decent people which I believe are the 5% that you are referring to could have a place to call home again!
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From: Anonymous Date: 11/26/2009
If you have ever worked for them as I have, you would understand their elitist attitudes when it comes to doing business. In their world, they are the best at what they do which breeds arrogance. Prometheus will force rents as high as they can as long as their are people willing to fork over so much for so little in return. Don't buy the hype that you are important to them, because you are just a means to an end.
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From: Anonymous Date: 02/09/2011
I lived at another Prometheus property and I concur...IT SUCKS! The most terrible property management company I have EVER dealt with! All they care about is making a profit...they could care less about the people that live there and I'm sure that most of the people who have ever moved out of one of their properties or have stayed there for an extended amount of time would agree!
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