299 N. State College Blvd., Orange, CA 92868
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12/18/2013Today was officially my confirmation that we must move after living her for almost two years now! First, they lied to us upon moving in. When I asked them if the factory across from our front door stops working at night, they said yes, but guess what!? It's a 24 hour factory! They are so loud that when they throw scrap metal away at 3am it wakes us up every time! Granted, the person who originally set us up to sign our lease and told us these lies is not longer working here. Second, my beach cruiser was stolen, chain ... Full ReviewNO3.0
09/11/2013Awful!THIS PLACE IS FILTHILY. It sounds like a zoo! Dogs constantly barking. Call office and complain nothing is done. Dog urine everywhere is hallways and elevators they never clean. So if you like to walk up to your house smelling ... Full ReviewNO1.0
04/29/2013horrible place to live! Parking structure with million speed breakers are annoying. Too many restrictions. Amenities are always occupied by non-residents! ... Full ReviewNO1.0
01/05/2013When it switched to gateway from archstone the management went down the gutter. I've had multiple packages stolen. The management is rude and yells at you. The gated structure is a joke. Anyone can park there and sneak in. Don't ... Full ReviewNO1.0
10/19/2012Why is there always TOW trucks coming in , in the Middle of the Night ? I feel that if your a Tenant and your having maybe financial Problems and your Car is not up -to date your in the ... Full ReviewYES3.0
08/30/2012 I have been in this apt complex for almost a year and...YES5.0
03/26/2012 We just wanted to give a BIG thanks to the office and...YES5.0
03/14/2012 When i was first looking at these apartments to move...NO1.0
03/14/2012 I went over to visit my brother, and his motorcycle...NO1.0
01/09/2012 Ive lived here for a few months now and I absolutely...YES5.0
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Gateway Apartment is an apartment community located in Orange , CA . It has also been known as Archstone Gateway .

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