449 E Arenas Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262
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12/15/2013showed me two fairly decent studios with new paint and dishwashers, but moved me to a hell hole on move in date. Needed new kitchen and bathroom. Had black mold in bathroom. Neighbors above me ran a boarding house with constant noise. Management did little to solve the noise problem. Lied to me regarding availability of dishwashers. ... Full ReviewNO1.0
10/15/2013Not just a disgusting slum, but the most awful (so called) Management you never want to imagine. There are a handful of good people that live there, but the list of reasons not to is virtually endless. Between the plumbing ... Full ReviewNO1.0
09/14/2013Wow. I nearly rented this apartment recently and was almost scammed by the manager who tried to tell me that the bad reviews were from tenants she had to evict. What a bullet I dodged. I was going to rent ... Full ReviewNO1.0
06/19/2013If you want to live in hell, come live here! Management lies about everything they promise prior to move in. ------ the on site manager is an alcoholic who spends most of her days playing games on computer, and drinks ... Full ReviewNO1.0
05/25/2013Stay away from Crack Towers, or any other property managed by these people. I lived in Whispering Palms for about 5 months, and also Cornerstone. A windstorm came through that literally tore the tar paper off the roof, never fixed. ... Full ReviewNO2.0
05/25/2013 Horrible place to live. I can not believe the city,...NO1.0
01/25/2013 I came to this place early this year in 2013 after I...NO1.0
12/14/2012 I lived at Whispering Palms and it was a eye opener to...NO1.0
10/10/2012 The manager does not follow through with her promises....NO1.0
04/28/2012 In all the years I have lived at Whispering Palms I was...YES5.0
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Whispering Palms is an apartment community located in Palm Springs , CA . It has also been known as Royal Springs Apartments . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Whispering Palms (formerly Royal Springs Apartments) ( 0.0 miles), Heritage Apartments ( 0.1 miles), and Rancheria Del Sol ( 0.2 miles).

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