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08/04/2013I loved these apartments. I lived there for 3 years had absolutely no problems at all. Only gripe has been recently when the complex got a new owner. The new owner has driven up the prices! In my opinion the owner believes the complex is in the Santa Clarita Valley. The updated apts are nice but still in Palmdale. For that reason I'm looking else where. Would have been here a lot longer but I believe prices are getting out of hand. I'm sure this won't be the last increase. Profit, profit, profit is the only thing the new owners ... Full ReviewNO3.0
05/31/2013I have had the pleasure of living at The Arches for over two years. This is the only apartment complex in the Antelope Valley that I would ever consider living at. The management team is highly professional, very friendly and ... Full ReviewYES5.0
05/21/2013I recommend this apartments to anybody. Management is great, very clean place to live. It's also very quiet, good place if you have kids. Personally the down side in my opinion is allowing dogs. Nothing against dogs but yes to ... Full ReviewYES5.0
04/23/2013Nice place to live. If you have kids, live on the bottom level or your neighbor downstairs will hate you. There is no playground. The swimming pool is cold... only use in the hot summer months (if it's clean). The ... Full ReviewYES4.0
04/23/2013We lived at Manzanita Villas now known as the Arches at Regional Center West for 3 1/2 years. The management was always friendly yet professional and the grounds are among the prettiest I've seen in the AV. The neighborhood is ... Full ReviewYES5.0
03/25/2013 Manzanita Villas is a great, quiet place to live. I...YES5.0
02/14/2013 I have lived here for a few years. Manzanita is the best...YES5.0
10/23/2008 Haven't lived here very long but in comparison to...YES4.0
09/28/2008 We lived here for less than a year and management was...YES5.0
03/13/2008 have lived here almost 5 years. Place is great. Managers...YES5.0
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The Arches at Regional Center West is an apartment community located in Palmdale , CA . It has also been known as Manzanita Villas . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Palm Chaparral Apartments (formerly Chaparral Apartments) ( 0.2 miles), Rideview Village Apartments (formerly known as Ctl Management Incorporated) ( 0.8 miles), and Cape Of Palmdale ( 0.9 miles).

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