425 Waldo Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101
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09/30/2013We've lived here for several years now. We're not sure what the older ratings are about but our experience has been good. The staff are friendly and helpful. We have conversations with the manager/ staff on a regular basis. They have created (on their own time) a wonderful little garden area in the complex. We have seen other apartments for about the same rent but have not seen any with the amenities or location we need (1 mile from Metro Gold Line and 1 mile from the Amtrak bus service stop at the Hilton). I think in the complex there is ... Full ReviewYES4.0
09/09/2013I had been living in Windrose Place for 3 years. I agreed with some comments said it is overpriced and the rent is getting higher and higher. However, the landscaping and the environment is very nice. Especially in summer, all ... Full ReviewYES4.0
01/31/2013[This review is hidden] ... Full ReviewNO1.0
10/13/2012Windrose Place is a complete ripoff. You can get a way nicer place in that area of Pasadena for a lot cheaper. Windrose is constantly raising the rent each year to the maximum amount allowed. Management at times can be ... Full ReviewNO1.0
07/19/2012I think the owners need a younger person running the boat. Need that shiney young face in the office and a cute one too, Just my opinion. Just like an old house needs new paint? Yep, that's what the office ... Full ReviewNO3.0
12/14/2011 i won't write too much as there might be a pending...NO1.0
12/12/2011 I wrote a review on 1/24/11 and would like to make...YES4.0
10/20/2010 Just recently moved out. I lived here for six years and...YES5.0
10/14/2010 I recently moved OUT of the Windrose apartment, I...NO1.0
09/02/2008 I just attempted to rent from them. They told me i COULD...NO1.0
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Windrose Place Apartments is an apartment community located in Pasadena , CA . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Monterra Del Mar (formerly Windsor Terrace) ( 0.1 miles), Eaves Old Town Pasadena (formerly Archstone Old Town Pasadena, Oakwood Pasadena & Casa Del Mar) ( 0.1 miles), and Buena Vista Apartments ( 0.1 miles).

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