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01/14/2014When I first inquired about moving in everyone in the office was very nice. After I move in here everything turned around quickly. First month was a huge mistake. Cockroaches everywhere. Now I thought this wouldn't be a problem since they are outside of my apartment. I went to the bathroom one night and saw two on my sink. I flipped out. This place is disgusting. I told the office about my cockroach encounter and they wanted to tell me that those are not Cockroaches. Why would you lie to me? I pay a portion of your salary! There is always ... Full ReviewNO2.0
09/19/2013The staff at the leasing office is quite cooperative and can help/work with you on your every needs. Cassie (Casey?), the communities' manager, was sympathetic and very informative in addressing my situation. I would recommend their excellence to anyone. ... Full ReviewYES5.0
07/24/2013I think a lot of these reviews are by residents who want to complain. I've always been happy here. We're going on the third year of our lease. Utilities are pricey, but no more so than anywhere else you would ... Full ReviewYES4.0
01/05/2013I have lived at Archstone Placentia from 7 months and I enjoy it here. Maintenance is taken care of within 24 hours and they follow up and ask if it was done to your satisfaciton. The grounds are great and ... Full ReviewYES5.0
09/29/2012Stay away from this place! I have lived here for years (I moved in when it was still Somerset Park.) Archstone promised better maintenance, better security, *it was all supposed to be better*! They are running this place into the ... Full ReviewNO1.0
06/02/2012 I currently live at Archstone Placentia and I completely...YES5.0
05/24/2012 I have lived here for a year and have had no problems....YES4.0
05/24/2012 If you are looking to move here don't! This place is...NO1.0
12/20/2011 This complex is poorly located, over priced,...NO3.0
11/28/2011 I previously lived at another Archstone community and...NO1.0
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Archstone Placentia Place is an apartment community located in Placentia , CA . It has also been known as Somerset Park Apartments . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Sedona (formerly Villa Tierra) ( 0.5 miles), Highland Orchard Apartments ( 0.9 miles), and Cinnamon Tree ( 1.4 miles).

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