2185 Station Village Way, San Diego, CA 92108
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04/22/2014I've lived here for about two years and I have no complaints! The staff is always friendly, the grounds are always clean, and the surroundings are BEAUTIFUL. The interiors are standard, but they're upgrading the apartments to granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. A little more expensive than some of the alternatives, but well worth it in my mind! Definitely recommended! ... Full ReviewYES5.0
04/21/2014I lived here for many years now and have never had any problems. The apartments are good sized for the area and the location is perfect; just 15 minutes to just about anywhere in San Diego. The staff is always ... Full ReviewYES3.0
04/20/2014hey there! I lived in the promenade for 9 month This place has been my home and i told all of my friends to live in this place because of a lot of benefits such as the place close to ... Full ReviewYES4.0
04/22/2014My wife and I have enjoyed living in the Promenade Rio Vista for the last five years. This complex is close to everything, including walking distance to many shops and restaurants. We like the amenities and feel safe here. The ... Full ReviewYES4.0
04/15/2014My family and I are going on our seventh year at the Promenade and are very happy here. We have never had any problems. Apartment maintenance is great and the location is super convenient. I recommend it to anyone. ... Full ReviewYES4.0
04/15/2014 The people that have worked here over the years are the...YES4.0
04/15/2014 The Promenade Rio Vista has been our home: just signed...YES5.0
04/11/2014 Hey there! I lived in the Promenade for 2 years and I...YES5.0
04/06/2014 We have lived in building 5 of this complex for over a...YES5.0
08/30/2013 I can't believe the reviews of this place. I...YES4.0
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Promenade Rio Vista is an apartment community located in San Diego , CA . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Promenade Rio Vista ( 0.0 miles), The Promenade ( 0.1 miles), and Missions at Rio Vista ( 0.2 miles).

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