1081 W Olive Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086
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From: AshDragon
Date posted: 9/21/2008
Years at this apartment: 2008 - 2008
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I had a 1-BR here for 6 months, and moved out only because I was moving into another place with two other guys to save rent.

My stay here was almost entirely positive. Here are the keypoints:

The manager Jane and leasing agent Christine were nice but also knew how to run the place. One previous reviewer complained about rules and how "Jane expects people to follow them." What he/she might've forgotten is that ALL apartments have rules, and they are there for the benefit of tenants. The rules at Olive Garden were common sense things and not at all unreasonable. Be personable, and you will find the staff personable.

The maintenance guys are courteous and take about a day max to fix problems. The two times I had a maintenance issue it was taken care of professionally and efficiently.

Seems like a pretty safe neighborhood. I've never heard of any incidents. There's a patrol unit that comes every night of the week, and the Sunnyvale police station a few blocks east on Olive. Grounds are well-lit at night.

Assigned parking. Most parking lots have gated access. Mostly uncovered parking, some covered parking. Plenty of street parking for visitors.

Probably depends on luck, but I never had a single issue with noise from neighbors. A lot of people here are elderly. There really isn't the young, party till 2am playing bass on full blast type here. There are some with children, but for the most part it's dead quiet. Maybe a little eerie.

I read some reviewers complain about getting almost no deposit back because of cleaning fees. Olive Garden is very transparent with these fees and gives you a breakdown of cleaning items and fees when you sign the lease. Of course, the more you clean the place yourself, the less the cleaners will have to do and the more deposit you'll get back. That said, the cleaners themselves seemed a little shady and overcharged me for cleaning after I purposely cleaned the entire place almost spotless. That was no fault of Olive Garden, and I did get my deposit refund (435 out of 600) back promptly.

Pleasant grounds with two swimming pools, a rec room with 3 pool tables (mismatched balls, though), and a small gym with cardio equipment. Smart card operated laundry. I had a newly remodeled unit so it was quite nice. Nothing falling apart like some other reviewer was talking about. I had cherry cabinets and granite countertops, sweet! All-electric kitchen.

So to summarize, my stay here was very pleasant. I probably elaborated a lot, but I feel that Olive Garden deserves such a thorough review. I'd still be there if living alone didn't drain my paycheck so much.

Last updated: 9/21/2008

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User Responses

From: Anonymous Date: 11/06/2008
In regards to "Deposit", you sound like the manager who's writing this review. It is a fault of Olive Gardens for all the big charges. They determine what needs to be done and what doesn't! Curtains are lousy, and they are being replaced by blinds anyways. This apartment building is extremely old and no matter how much you clean, it'll always look old unless you renovate, which what they are doing. They want to use your security deposit to renovate. Their maintnance crew can make up any prices and amount of hours (in reality, it's minutes) to fix the place up. They can't fix things properly. In the previous place i live for 1 year, the only thing they charged me when i moved out was $80 for carpet cleaning out of $800, nothing sensless like what they do here.
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