8490 Sheridan Boulevard, Arvada, CO 80003
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04/15/2014This place is a nightmare that you can't wake up from. There are a few nice employees and neighbors but if you ask anyone in person they wont say anything good about this place. Its very unsafe and most neighbors are loud and dirty. I live on a ground level and they are always throwing there cigarette butts in my walk way. They laundry room is nasty they machines run together so if the person did a bleach load before you your clothes with be spotted. I've called for work orders and they never come to fix things. There are ... Full ReviewNO1.0
03/26/2014We love our gals in the office!!!!!They are wonderful ladies with wonderful attitudes and ALWAYS help you when you need it!!!!!! They always are concerned if we are doing okay and we appreciate this....EVEN when the office is overflowing with ... Full ReviewYES3.0
03/18/2014We love the office staff! If my husband wasn't looking for a job back east to be closer to family we'd most definitely stay. Our daughter turned 1 this year so we would need to upgrade to a larger unit ... Full ReviewYES3.0
02/02/2014We have lived here for almost 6 years, I would not recommend living here...everything seemed to be ok at first but then things started to fall apart. Our whole ceiling had started leaking one night and almost destroyed our tv ... Full ReviewNO2.0
12/20/2013Great staff and great for a starting family. ... Full ReviewYES5.0
11/14/2013 I have lived in my fair share of apartments in my life...YES5.0
10/15/2013 The staff at Toscana is very friendly and knowledgable...YES5.0
09/30/2013 i moved into toscana apts last may. i requested some...YES5.0
09/25/2013 This place is just horrible. The walkways outside are...NO1.0
05/26/2013 I'm stuck here until my lease is up beginning of...NO2.0
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Toscana Apartments is an apartment community located in Arvada , CO . It has also been known as Semper Village . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Toscana Apartments (formerly Semper Village) ( 0.0 miles), Sunset Ridge ( 0.2 miles), and Sandpiper Apartments ( 0.3 miles).

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