4404 S Hannibal Way, Aurora, CO 80015
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04/16/2014It is an okay place to live. Anything above average is a stretch. It is a very old place and it shows in the apartments. The rent is cheap but again, you get what you pay for. I never had a problem with my neighbors or noise. I would suggest living on the top floor if you can. Be advised if you live on the second floor,moving in will be a pain as the stairway is way too narrow. It was almost impossible to move our couch in and we ended up tearing into the fabric just to get it ... Full ReviewNO3.0
07/09/2013The first year here wasn't so bad... The last year and a half were bad. The grounds are no longer kept up. The pooI I pay for has been closed everytime we come to use it. Took mantainance two days ... Full ReviewNO1.0
03/05/2013Worst place I have ever lived, worst service ever. Dirty ... Full ReviewNO1.0
02/20/2013Generally a decent place to live. The rent is reasonable but remember the saying "you get what you pay for" when looking at this place. The management was attentive and the office staff and maintenance crew responded to requests within ... Full ReviewYES3.0
10/26/2012I have lived here for 2 years and found the apartment to be very nice. The staff is very friendly and maintenace is the best! When I have had a problem in my apartment they respond right away and fix ... Full ReviewYES3.0
09/22/2012 If you want your money's worth, then skip this...NO3.0
04/30/2012 I have lived in a few complexes in the Aurora area and...YES4.0
01/06/2012 Staff is a little snootie and lazy!I mean it's...NO3.0
09/12/2011 This used to be a nice community with respectful...NO1.0
11/02/2010 Really, it does seem to be hit or miss. We moved...NO3.0
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Quincy Ridge Apartments is an apartment community located in Aurora , CO . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Windsor at Meadow Hills ( 0.7 miles), Pier Point Vi ( 0.9 miles), and Reflections at Cherry Creek Apartments ( 0.9 miles).

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