991 S Crystal Way, Aurora, CO 80012
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From: -Anonymous-
Date posted: 12/13/2009
Years at this apartment: 2007 - 2007
I lived in here with my 2 daughters and boyfriend on a 1 year lease. We lived in a 2 bed-2 bath 1st floor garden level apartment and things were fine for a little bit. When I signed the lease the mgmnt was helpful and friendly. The pool was always nice to be at and the laundry room was never crowded. We even had free internet for awhile thanks to someone in my building with an unsecured network. Lol.

Things quickly went downhill. Our hot water heater went out, but was replaced in a reasonable amount of time. The apartment ALWAYS had the most god-awful smell. Door knobs were always falling off. The floors through the entire apartment were uneven and it felt like we were always walking downhill in the house. The blinds in the kitchen would always fall off if we pulled them in just the wrong way. Our upstairs neighbor's kids were always running full speed back and forth, so I kept my broom handy to bang on the ceiling.

Parking was a joke. For the longest I parked on Blackhawk St. until cars were getting egged regularly. Luckily not mine. Finally I started parking in the upper lot. That proved to be quite dangerous in the winter carrying a baby seat and walking up and down stairs built on a 90 degree angle and were covered in snow and ice.

I almost got spit on from a boy standing on his balcony on the 3rd floor. I told him not to spit off the balcony b/c he almost got me. Same people on the 3rd floor threw chicken grease off the balcony and it landed all over my patio leaving stains. I called management who came to look at it and they told me if it couldn't be cleaned up then I'd be responsible for the cost to clean it. They man was very understanding about my frustration but the girl who was working with him could've went to hell for all I could care. I told that b*tch to go kill herself and she tried to fight me. Yes, professionalism at it's finest. We moved out of there with the quickness.

Last updated: 12/13/2009

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