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4610 Nautilus Peak View, Colorado Springs, CO 80924
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I have been living here for 6 months now, and I can not wait to move out! For the first 4 and 1/2 months, the people that live above us, had 2 boxer dogs (bigger dogs) and every morning at 4 am we could hear them, running, barking, being obnoxious. This was not their fault, because we complained to the Leasing office for 4 MONTHS STRAIGHT and they did nothing. It is also not the residents fault with the big dogs, because the insulation can be better, you can hear everything above you. (Foot steps, drawers opening, people singing in the shower, etc.) Finally after numerous complaints and concerns about the dog noise they moved the people with big dogs to a new apartment to the first floor. Also in the month of May, 2011, there was a mouse in my BEDROOM!!! and I am a very neat and clean person. We (my boyfriend and I) began to put mouse traps in the alleyway between my building and the clubhouse building, and we caught 8 mice in 4 days. We told the leasing office about this issue, and they preceded to remove our traps from the alley way. Also the reclining chairs by the pool were broken ALL SUMMER LONG. and there were only 8 lounge chairs left (all broken). They threw them away because they were all broken, and for 3 weeks straight there were NO reclining chairs at all. Since this, they have finally have replaced them. Also. we have little ants all over the apartment. The office has done nothing about this. I spend 1400 a month to live in a one bed room, one bath and have a garage. I had to get garage because there are NEVER ANY PARKING spots available, unless if you want to walk across the entire complex. IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY! THIS COMPLEX IS A TERRIBLE PLACE TO LIVE!

Last Updated: 09/08/11
I could hear the neighbor peeing
I'm with you guys. I was wondering why the chairs got thrown over but it makes sense now. That was ridiculous having no chairs all summer. Can't wait till my lease is up.
100% AGREE I couldnt move out fast enough! $1200 per month and all summer long my son wanted to go to the pool and I had to BRING MY OWN CHAIR!! They kept the broken chairs out and finally one day some guy probably 125lbs sat on one and it broke!! so he threw all of the broken chairs over the fence so the leasing office people would get the message to stop putting broken chairs out!

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