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Denver Apartments

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$987 - $1,630 up $81 this yearEstimated rent for 1-bedroom
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Ashewood Apartments

7251 Samuel Dr # 102, Denver, CO 80221

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Autumn Ridge

2290 S Oneida St, Denver, CO 80224

12/22/13 by anonymous: Absolutely horrible. The only way to put it. The property manager is sheisty and the general manager is a C U Next Tuesday, I asked for things to be fixed 2 months into my lease and they still weren't fixed upon move out 10 months later. Also, the carpets were never cleaned for me before I moved in (I cleaned them myself and about gagged at the black water the carpet cleaner had in more


Aztec Villa

8675 Mariposa St, Denver, CO 80221

08/01/13 by anonymous: If your looking for the ghetto in Thornton, you'll feel right at home at the Aztec villas. Once they have you locked into a lease, your on your own. They don't care about your complaints. If you have an issue with another tenant, the managements response is "Call the Police". During the daytime, this neighborhood looks like any average neighborhood but as the day more


Beacon Hill Apartments

1041 Ogden St., Denver, CO 80218

05/22/14 by anonymous: This is an old building with charm but keep in mind that you are being charged $850/month for a one bedroom to live in a building where you can hear everything your upstairs neighbor does. The windows have to be propped up, there is only A/C in living room and it gets hot, the plumbing is not great, there are mice, the heater boiler goes out at least once a year (usually on the coldest day). more


Briarwood North Apartments

7398 Dakin St, Denver, CO 80221

01/11/14 by anonymous: Worst apartment I have ever lived in. The office staff is always nice and says they will take care of things, but they don't. I have incurred an increase in rent and fees due to this. Repairs take a minimum of 5 trips, and their staff still don't fix things. My plumbing is awful and either doesn't work or barely works, and they have ignored things for so long I have mold more


Buchtel Plaza

2125 Buchtel Boulevard, Denver, CO 80210

05/14/13 by anonymous: This is my HOME. I have only ever lived in the Plaza since I moved out of home 4 years ago. Admittedly, I do love the space I have created for myself. Unfortunately, the management doesn't give a horses hair about its residents. In the four years I've been here, I've seen 10 (yes, for real) new management teams, none of whom seem to communicate with each other. The more


Carmel Corporation

950 S Cherry St # 1100, Denver, CO 80246

08/14/12 by anonymous: i live in carmel appartments in Reseda , are a joke...they cannot fix a leak over my living room, nor wash teh carpets. Tha manager is a big lo and lazy and can be. He always promoises he will send a cleaning crew but never does-idiot....lazy piece of shit..i ran into him adn reminded him that we need a cleaning crew to disinfect the carpet ( mind you I have two toddlers more


Coachman Apartments

1044 Downing St, Denver, CO 80218

11/27/12 by anonymous: There are a lot of things I love about this apartment and a lot of things I hate...My apartment itself is nice, it's big and has an awesome balcony. However, the amenities we pay for don't work very well. Our gym is rarely functional and has been known to have critical pieces of equipment missing. Also, the sauna doesn't work. Our heater only heats one of the bedrooms more


Conifer Landing

243 W 80th Ave, Denver, CO 80221

06/23/14 by anonymous: This apartment complex itself is good/average. The maintenance staff usually do a good job of cleaning the grounds. They do not maintain the grass in most sections though, so expect lots of dirt. The office staff usually will send maintenance for certain fixes throughout the apartment, but usually they are done halfway and require additional maintenance soon after. During our four years here, we more


Dayton Meadows Apartments

1749 S Dayton St, Denver, CO 80231

08/22/13 by anonymous: This place is horrible and the people at the office could care less! The kids that are there scratch cars throw rocks and do this during the day and the apt people see them and say nothing! Then our ac went out and let us stay in the apt for 3 days no ac and it was over 100! more

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