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Apartment Ratings and Reviews in Denver, CO

10,814Ratings & Reviews
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$1,018 - $1,685 up $118 this yearEstimated rent for 1-bedroom
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Laura Ann Apartments

1275 Pearl St., Denver, CO 80203

07/13/09 by anonymous: I was excited when I first moved here - newly rennovated apartment, seemed nice, good price. However, this place is CRAWLING with bugs - I have seen black widows, other spiders with the body as big as my thumb, gnats, ants, grashoppers, moths, even a few cockroaches - and let me tell you, for a clean person, that COMPLETELY grosses me out. I was more


Leyden Apartments

1310 Leyden St, Denver, CO 80220

06/19/12 by anonymous: Tenant for a while and this landlard does everything possible to not fix an entire problem within the buiding. He spot fixes and yet from those spot fixes we have mold smells whafting through the floor boards. When the swamp cooler gets fixed and turned on the venots are blowing dust bunnies and dead wasps through the vents. You aske for fixtures to be repaired it takes days and you brush your more


Liggins Tower

5150 E 34th Ave, Denver, CO 80207

10/09/11 by anonymous: Bed bugs they can't get rid of. more


Linda Apartments

33 Corona St # 107, Denver, CO 80218

01/24/07 by anonymous: dont go to ms betty .. she will act like landlord of your apartment, will not let you live life preacefully.. more


Loretto Manor

2775 S Federal Blvd # 104, Denver, CO 80236

03/07/11 by anonymous: as if having drug dealers living next door isn't bad enough, throw in bed bugs, cockroaches and a ton of mice. Doesn't that sound like paradise? When we moved in the landlord handed use one mouse trap and laughed, i guess that was his way of comtrolling the mouse problem. Since then we have started using 8 traps throughout a two bedroom apartment, and have caught upwards more


Maplewood Apartments

1660 Logan Street, Denver, CO 80203

10/17/13 by anonymous: Do not rent here if you have children! The apartment manager will constantly harass you and blame u for things your kids may not have done. They will harass you about the kids being too loud during daytime hours. If you aren't outside watching your kids every second that they are outside they will harass you about that also more


Moana Apartments

825 Dahlia St, Denver, CO 80220

01/04/11 by You will be sorry if you rent here. Management is bad - Slum Lord comes to mind. There is never anyone in the office except on rent day. They do not care about any of the tenants. The complex is completely outdated and run down. Watch Out! more


Ogden Arms Apartments

945 Ogden St., Denver, CO 80218

Parkview Terrace Apartments

1300 Milky Way, Denver, CO 80221

07/01/12 by anonymous: When I first moved into the Parkview Terrace Apartments, the place was run quite well; the Office people were competent, the noise level was acceptable, and the apartments were well maintained. However things have been slowly going down hill since then, and now the office people are incompetent at there jobs and try their very best to avoid getting anything done at the Apartments more


Pearl Manor Apartments

909 Pearl Street, Denver, CO 80203

05/29/13 by anonymous: I recently moved out of Pearl Manor. The building is decent, kind of old and smelly, but you get what you pay for. OK value, rent-wise, but what makes this place unbearable is the building manager / land lady. She struts around the property in her bath robe like the entire building is her private home, and she treats the residents like scum and talks down to them like children. more

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