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Thomas Jefferson Apartments
1626 Logan Street, Denver, CO 80203
Mar 24, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
I have read the few reviews and just wanted to say that the landlord L***** is a busy body and runs the place like a prizon warden. It is no wonder there are people moving out almost every week...the owner needs to get rid of him and be more hands on ...Full review of Thomas Jefferson Apartments
Rated Good:Construction
Rated Bad:ParkingOffice Staff
3 Reviews
33% Recommended
Beldame Apartments
1904 Logan St, Denver, CO 80203
Aug 5, 2008 - -Anonymous- said:
After living here twice. Yes the apartments are in good repair however the review of the manager, Pat Lease is highly incorrect. She is a snoop and will enter your unit without permission. She is also highly opinionated and if she doesn't like you she will try to make your life miserable. She also has an alcohol problem and is known to fall and stagger around the building. She is ...Full review of Beldame Apartments
Rated Bad:ParkingGrounds
3 Reviews
33% Recommended
The Ranch at Bear Creek
(formerly Tanglewood Oaks)
3324 S. Field Street, Denver, CO 80227
Mar 25, 2014 - said:
Recently moved into our town home here, I was shown the exact model my town home is and we love it! You can certainly here what is going on next store but for the size of my place I do not mind. My neighbors are all sweet and we made sure to introduce ourselves as soon as we moved in. Our washing machine was making an awful noise, we called the office and got exactly what we needed in 2 ...Full review of The Ranch at Bear Creek
Rated Good:ParkingMaintenanceOffice Staff
Rated Bad:Noise
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Lloyd's Apartments
1360 Williams Street, Denver, CO 80218
May 29, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
I lived in the Washington Street apartments. Each time I tried to click on that link, it took me to the Williams page. For clarification, this review is based on the year I spent in the apartments on 899 Washington St in Denver. I lived here from January 2012 - March 2013. When I first moved in I noticed I could smell cigarette smoke from neighboring apartments inside my unit, even ...Full review of Lloyd's Apartments
Rated Good:SafetyParkingMaintenance
Rated Bad:Noise
61 Reviews
32% Recommended
The Parc at Cherry Creek
(formerly Central Park Apartments)
7555 E Warren Drive, Denver, CO 80231
Jul 18, 2013 - said:
I have been living here since 2009. Although the prices seem to go up quite a bit, I have really enjoyed living here. Some people expect that there should be no noise whatsoever, no being able to smell neighbors smoke,etc....but its not a house and there is no mortgage :-). Those things I listed about the noise smoke are just a few of my own past complaints along with dog poop not ...Full review of The Parc at Cherry Creek
Rated Good:MaintenanceGrounds
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