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Westbrooke Place

2201 N St NW2201 N. Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037
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response to managers response...really address the hot water issue, i reported the problem to you on FRIDAY and then again on SATURDAY.. TWO days ( not hours ) I had to take a COLD excuse was that I lived on the ground level and it takes longer for the hot water to get to me..really..? don't think so..NOW the water is extremely scalding HOT.. whats the excuse now?
Spring is here and so are the cigarette BUTTS , you told be that someone could have walked by and flung it onto my patio. and we live in the CITY ...really the same kind of cigarettes butts and before..( not safe to for me or dog to be outside anymore and we pay for the extra outdoor space ) ..oh yea.. still ever heard back about the umbrella or the burn hole on our new patio cushion..
THIS is the WORST PLACE I have EVER lived in 50 years

Last Updated: 03/28/14
03/14/14Manager Response
Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience due to issues with hot water this past Saturday. Our emergency maintenance and a contractor arrived on site shortly after we received a first report of no hot water and were able to address the issue within a few hours. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience the outage has caused. We know that outdoor space is very important to you and we apologize on behalf of your neighbors for the cigarette butts landing on your patio. We are confident that the letters and in person conversations we had with your neighbors will make a difference this spring. Please accept our apologies for your frustration. Our team is always available to assist and we are committed to making your experience better.

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