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Westbrooke Place

2201 N St NW2201 N. Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037
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This place is the worst i ever lived, its june 1, 2014 and cigarette butts are still being thrown from one of the apartment above Apartment #5, so i do NOT feel SAFE sitting outside, I pay EXTRA for this space,… Full Review ▶


wow, just read these NEW reviews on just moved from this place and I guess I was not in the same place as these other people live..LOL this was the worst place I ever lived in 50 years, its funny… Full Review ▶

Manager Response

My wife and I have lived in Westbrooke Place for almost 3 years now. It's been a great place for us while living in DC. She is a student at GW so it's nice and convenient. I work out in Virginia… Full Review ▶

Manager Response

I have been a Westbrooke resident for over three years and the experience only seems to get worse as the rent gets higher and higher. The following is only a partial list of incidents I have had to deal with: Mice.… Full Review ▶

Manager Response

have been asked several times by Gables and others about living here at Westbrooke, so I thought I would make some comments on it. I have already been here for several years and have seen people come and go, mostly because… Full Review ▶


thought i was going to be in a secured building, but it is NOT, seem like anyone can walk in the front door, the cleaning lady let people in this am, they did not have a key and went to have… Full Review ▶


Noise - Noise is a real problem, including significant street noise (car alarms) and frequent sirens at night. Maintenance - UGH. As mentioned in the other review, they show up, but they don't fix anything. Or, things are half fixed and… Full Review ▶


The building is dirty, and rodent infested. The management is very poor, and it is expensive. A real rip off, and if you think you will get the money owed to you when YOU MOVE out, think twice, you WILL NOT… Full Review ▶


Lasted 1 month and broke my lease. Had serious rodent problem. Drunk college kids woke me up in the middle of the night repeatedly. Noise is a serious problem (all night ambulances, fire trucks, motorcades) - couldn't sleep. Management is very… Full Review ▶


I'm very confused by the negative reviews -- the only explanation I can think of is maybe the building's old management staff was terrible. As for rodents/pests, I've never seen a single cockroach or even silverfish in my apartment in the… Full Review ▶


Westbrooke is in a great DC neighborhood, the West End between Georgetown and Dupont Circle. The facility is a moderate value for it's relatively higher cost, but the service personnel is outstanding in almost every respect. There is a 24-hour concierge… Full Review ▶


Don't understand the complaints. This is a great place to live. Yes a bit expensive, but a great location. We have found the management very helpful. Full Review ▶


I moved to DC from Chicago, where housing is relatively cheap even in the posh Streeterville area. I work in real estate finance, so I did much research before moving into Westbrooke Place in July 2010. A year later, I'm happy… Full Review ▶


During my time at Westbrooke Place, I've had very positive experiences with management and maintenance. They tend to be very receptive to any of my requests. The free breakfast and WaPo in the mornings is also an added bonus. However, I… Full Review ▶


I moved into Westcrook last year and have just moved out !! In one year I have had the worst experience of any apt Ive lived in. The parking is AWFUL! There was a car and someone's personal belongings stolen from… Full Review ▶


Westbrooke Place started as my dream apartment and quickly turned into a nightmare. Excessive rent increases, false fees, mice, and poor management plagued my living experience. Less than a week before moving to DC, I was informed the apartment I was… Full Review ▶


Once you sign a lease for a 'luxury' apartment at Westbrooke, be ready to find out: THERE IS A FIRE STATION ONE BLOCK AWAY; 3/4 OF APARTMENTS ARE DARK; THERE IS A LOT OF NOISE IN SUMMER FROM A NEIGBORING BUILDING;… Full Review ▶


I can only say good things about Westbrooke Place after living here more than two years, I am relocating away from DC for work. Will really miss this building. Betty does a fabulous job as building manager; she is competent and… Full Review ▶


I was looking at DC apartments in June, and these reviews almost scared me out of living here. I have been very happy here so far. Everything has been clean, no bugs or mice, maintenence responsive, concierge very friendly and helpful,… Full Review ▶


Lived there for two years and have no complaints. My apartments was very quiet, maintenance was always responsive and the location is great. I enjoyed the lap pool for exercising, but the gym is too small. They provide breakfast (coffee, bagles)… Full Review ▶


I relocated from san francisco with very little time to find a place. After looking in the 2k per month price range, and feeling discouraged, I found westbrooke place, and it worked out very well for me. I was surprised to… Full Review ▶


This place is awful unless you have endless pits of money and don't mind being a sucker. They are nice when you look at apartments and up until you sign lease. Then all they care about is getting more money out… Full Review ▶


I lived in the Westbrooke Place for 3.5 years. I would never go back. The staff only care about renting new units. Once you are in, they do not care about keeping you there. The front office is not friendly and… Full Review ▶


I had to pay $2300 a month and $350 for parking for a mice infested apt. It was unbearable. They put sticky paper down, but when that didnt work, they said there was nothing else they could do. I basically had… Full Review ▶


When things break, management is unresponsive. The door to get in the building from the parking garage was broken for months and management was aware. The elevators have broken with people stuck in them. The parking garage door breaks frequently so… Full Review ▶


Twice in 5 months, the building has let a cleaning crew into my apartment without my authorization (I do my own cleaning!)The first time they admitted to the error and basically told me that if I didn't like it, I could… Full Review ▶


Mice are everywhere. Management can't seem to understand that finding several mice over the course of a year is unacceptable. One, okay, two okay, 20 bad. Full Review ▶


Place needs overhaul including manager. She can't keep anyone employed due to her
awful disposition. Full Review ▶


Maintenance requests have to be done at least 3X before they get it right usually requiring additional maintenance because they've broken something else while trying to fix the first request!

Management inflexible.

Overpriced, stupid amenities, huge employee turnover. Full Review ▶


Don't know where to even begin to explain how horrible the management is here. In fact I can't get out of here fast enough. I notice that people actually say this place is great. Must say I think those are plants… Full Review ▶


Westbrooke Place is a dated, overpriced "luxury" building in a great West End location. It's run by a bunch of incompetent fools ... who fail to respond to numerous resident complaints (broken treadmill, excessive neighbor noise, burnt out hallway lights) and… Full Review ▶


someone from the office staff is posting on this site. don't believe a word, greedy mean woman in the office Full Review ▶


Westbrooke Place is a fine establishment.
Having resided here just over 3 years, it has been a wonderful residence in a great location with a fine staff. Full Review ▶


Westbrooke place is the best place ever
the staff members are very nice
the maint. staff takes real good care of the building

Full Review ▶


I would like to congratulate the team at Westbrooke on the excellent job they have done and are doing in the management of this building. Having made our home here it is gratifying to be able to live in an atmosphere… Full Review ▶


Renae, the alleged manager is at best worthless and at worst a lier. She could care less about any of the tennents or their issues. Never checks any complaints personally, and her "team" is every bit as bad as she. The… Full Review ▶


If you deal with the management, you'll swear this place is run by gold-digging, sorority girls. There is an $800 amenity fee (reduced to $400 per year after the first year of residence) for a gym, a heated pool that is… Full Review ▶


Very unprofessional manager and just annoying leasing agent. Both of them are just simply annoying and rude. I would suggest ING to replace these persons, since they are just so unprofessional and untrained, and seem to not know professional protocol. Apartment… Full Review ▶


The property manager is one of the rudest people I have ever met, she sits there and grins in your face when you are trying to talk with her about issues with your apartment. I will not mention issues with the… Full Review ▶

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