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Pines of Mindanao (formerly Johnson Housing)

1700 Mindanao Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32246
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Until Now this community has been Strickly Military Housing ... They are NOW LEASING to the public for the 1st time in 18 years!! They are currently re-designing the landscaping and ameneties of the community ... including adding a new swimming pool and clubhouse! Now known as The Pines of Mindanao, They offer 24 hour ER maintenance and professional office staff. The Community has 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartments -- HUGE -- 1075 square feet with Full size Washer/Dryer connections, Indoor and Outdoor STORAGE, Tons of Cabinets and Coutertop space in a fully equipped Kitchen and Private Patios and Balconies with 4 views to choose from! DONT WAIT -- Be one of the 1st to experience The Pines of Mindanao, I promise you will NOT be disappointed! Dont You want to be My Neighbor??

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This complex is poorly managed. I have had four notices put on my door in regards to my rent being late and just recently that I did not pay enough. Each time I have had to go to the bank and get copies of the certified checks and give them to Vicky. I noticed that when I would pay my rent she would always write the prior month on the check, but I had all of my copies and promptly let her know that not only did I have the copies of the certified checks but they had been cashed and on what day they had been cashed. They constantly put notices on residents doors stating that rent is now considered late on the 5th rather than the 10th. Well I read my lease closely and it says the 10th. A lease is a legal document. If you dont know your rights you will get screwed. Now I have to wait until tomorrow and go back to the office and tell them of yet another error. When will this stop? Cant wait until my lease is up. Like the other renters the rent is not worth the headache.
I'm going on 3 years in these apartments and I trully love it here. Vicki and the staff has been great. I have no complaints. By the way I have my whole family and and a good number of friends living here and have no complaints. I guess theres certain people that are pure negative and never have nothing nice to say.
i agree with you 100% you could not have said it better. will not renew my lease unless she finds other employment.
Pines of mindanao is a great apartment complex but management will make you want to move from the first month you move in. Vickie in the office is rude and disrespectful in every way. She does what she can to get you to move in and after that it goes down hill. I would never recommend this apartment complex to anyone, the price is not worth the headache.

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