2203 Beck Ave, Panama City, FL 32405
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12/05/2013If you're about to sign a lease here, don't walk away, RUN! The absentee owner is the pure definition of a slumlord. When our bathroom sink wouldn't drain they sent the maintenance drunk to our apartment with a bottle of Drano. This didn't solve the problem, since the 25-yr. old pipes that have never been replaced were the issue. Nonetheless, each time we complained that the problem still hadn't been resolved up came the maintenance man with another bottle of Drano (if he came at all). Got cockroaches like most of the units here? You'll be glad to know they'll ... Full ReviewNO1.0
03/25/2012The rent amount is fair. Upon moving in there was a flea infestation and the carpets were not shampooed. Leaks make drywall weak and repairs are cheap patch ups if you can get any repairs at all. AC unit is ... Full ReviewNO2.0
09/18/2011Made cheep, hard to reach owner, doesn't return deposit, in serious need of updates, poor insulation. ... Full ReviewNO2.0
05/27/2010I left Briarwood at the end of January 2010 and they have the paperwork stating I am owed my deposit and they have done nothing and so far are ignoring my phone calls and the Better Business Bureau's correspondence. Stay ... Full ReviewNO3.0
10/09/2009These apartments have recently been sold to a new owner, who also owns Heritage Apartments on Frankford Ave., this owner has a D- rating with the Better Business Bureau and is not accredited by them, I researched this and other ... Full ReviewNO1.0
09/19/2011 I lived at Briarwood for almost three years; about one...NO4.0
04/16/2009 The new Manager is great I just moved in and havent had...YES5.0
01/30/2009 I live at Briarwood and I am looking to move out. I have...NO3.0
12/16/2008 I almost didn't go to Briarwood, because all the...YES4.0
05/20/2008 its true what other reviewers have said that the...YES5.0
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Briarwood Apartments is an apartment community located in Panama City , FL . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Edgewood Garden Apartments ( 0.2 miles), Heritage Apartments ( 0.5 miles), and Andrew's Place Apartments ( 0.6 miles).

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