502 S Fremont Ave, Tampa, FL 33606
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Comfortably settled in one of Tampa's oldest and most prestigious areas, Post Hyde Park offers enchanting one- and two-bedroom garden-style apartments featuring delicate attention to detail. This stylish community is also just minutes away... Continued...

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07/17/2013Don't even think about renting here.... absolutely horrible. Staff in the office are very unfriendly after you move in. Noisy (and I'm a college kid so I'm down to party but the walls are so thin!) Cockroach problems that I could not get rid of! Poorly built. After moving in we found many holes in the cabinets are underneath by the floors (probably a reason we were having so many bug problems. Ugh DISGUSTING! Didn't even finish out my lease! ... Full ReviewNO1.0
06/22/2013Living here after divorce with 4 children. We are all happy here. We enjoy the pool and the garden. ... Full ReviewYES4.0
02/08/2013hmm well how can I start? From the rotted out buildings to the large roaches overall a terable experiance.The rent is very high coming in at 3,000 for a furnished apartment.The location is great with many nice close walks but ... Full ReviewNO1.0
11/17/2012I was trying to give this place the benefit of the doubt, but it's just not worth the money- go over to Harbor Island or find a townhouse in Hyde Park if you are a professional. The only benefit to ... Full ReviewNO3.0
05/15/2012Insulation in the units are terrible. In the month of April our AC already could not keep up with the heat and ran all day. The Maintenance claims the AC is in "perfect working condition". The Noise on the weekend ... Full ReviewNO2.0
03/13/2012 Just moved in so I'm being very gentle with my...YES3.0
01/27/2012 This is a GREAT location; however, for this...NO2.0
09/11/2011 Over the 11 months we have lived at Post Hyde Park...NO1.0
08/21/2011 We came to Post Hyde Park due to difficulties in the...NO3.0
05/01/2011 I relocated to Tampa and moved into Post back in 09 and...YES5.0
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Post Hyde Park Apartments is an apartment community located in Tampa , FL . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Versaggi Properties ( 0.2 miles), Walk Apartments (formerly Post Walk) ( 0.2 miles), and Soho Apartments Incorporated ( 0.3 miles).

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