393 Oconee Street, Athens, GA 30601
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08/10/2012As a former tenant of Waterford Place, I spent 3 pleasant years at this complex without any issues. The value was great and the location in unbeatable! I was able to easily walk to class and downtown in a just a couple minutes, and return home to overlook the Oconee River and beautiful Dudley Park. The staff is very knowledgeable and throws the best tailgates in Athens that are free for tenants! Maintenance always resolved issues quickly even though they were alittle cocky at times. During my second year, my air conditioning unit was replaced with a high efficiency A/C ... Full ReviewYES5.0
08/16/2010Great location but management is terrible. They charged us for everything when we left. Ended up owing more than deposit because they charged stuff like $10 for burnt out lightbulb. It was ridiculous. Be very careful of these folks or ... Full ReviewNO1.0
05/14/2009My roommates and I have lived in Waterford Place, apartment 32 for 2 years now and have have positive experiences with all of our tenant neighbors, as well as with the management. We are able to call in a work ... Full ReviewYES4.0
05/14/2009Waterford is a very good option for apartments. The location is second-to-none. Campus is accessible by foot; most buildings on North Campus can be reached in less than 10 minutes, the SLC is probably about as far. The apartments are ... Full ReviewYES4.0
03/27/2009Yes, the location is great, but that does not make up for all the problems. Since moving here, there has been non-stop construction related mayhem. The back deck was unusable during the whole Summer and Fall. People who needed to ... Full ReviewNO1.0
03/26/2009 I have lived at waterford for 3 yrs and am only leaving...YES5.0
03/05/2009 As a current tenant at Waterford Place I must say that I...YES5.0
02/23/2009 If you are considering renting at Waterford Place- THINK...NO1.0
02/23/2009 Waterford Place has been my favorite place to live for...YES5.0
02/05/2009 I live in Waterford now. Although I didnt read these...YES5.0
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Waterford Place Condominiums is an apartment community located in Athens , GA . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Waterford Place Condominiums ( 0.0 miles), Williams Street Condos ( 0.2 miles), and Farmers Exchange Lofts ( 0.2 miles).

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