1000 Collier Road, Atlanta, GA 30318
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10/30/2013Ugh!!! This place sucks. Trash everywhere and grounds unkept. Old abandoned TVs and sofas are left at the dumpster for weeks. Neighbors use porches to dry clothes and mops. I feel like I live in the ghetto. The water pressure sucks and you freeze to death while taking a shower in a trickle of water. I constantly hear my neighbors stomping around and kids screaming outside my window. It is not a very peaceful place to live. I am looking forward to moving in with a friend in a few months and getting out of here. Read some of the ... Full ReviewNO1.0
10/07/2013I rue the day I signed a lease at Collier Flats apartments. What seemed like a great bargain on in town living has blown up in my face. No amount of savings is worth your safety and sanity. Since Collier ... Full ReviewNO1.0
10/08/2013I've only been living here a little over a month now, and can honestly say I love this apartment complex. I'm used to cheap, loud apartment complexes. Collier Flats is honestly the best out of all of them. As a couple ... Full ReviewYES4.0
07/18/2013I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment in Collier Flats for about 2 years. I recently moved out, but only to downsize to a 1 bedroom with a washer and dryer. I rarely had a problem with bugs, never saw ... Full ReviewYES4.0
10/14/2012Wow the previous two reviews seem rather harsh. I've lived at Collier Flats for the past year and while the exterior isn't the flashiest and the insulation isn't the best, I have really enjoyed living at "The Flats." The only ... Full ReviewYES3.0
06/26/2012 Let me give you a little parable about my time in...NO1.0
11/28/2011 pros: - cheap rent - great location (not far from Howell...NO2.0
06/22/2011 Collier Flats may not have the fancy gated entrance or 4...YES4.0
06/15/2011 We have several problems in our apartment that have...NO2.0
05/11/2011 I have lived in Collier Flats for a year and am sad that...YES4.0
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Collier Flats is an apartment community located in Atlanta , GA . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Post Collier Hills ( 0.2 miles), Savannah Square ( 0.2 miles), and Collier Green Condominiums (formerly Lincoln Collier Apartments & Mi Casa) ( 0.3 miles).

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