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Columns Akers Mill (formerly Veranda on the River)

2383 Akers Mill Road, Atlanta, GA 30339
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I would not recommend this PLACE to a homeless person. Let me share some of my experiences with you. I have been here 7 months or so. The apartments are roomie and spacious. The pool area is nice and maintained. Stuff when just viewing the apartments makes it seem well groomed. HA boy are you in for a rude awakening!!! There is a MOLD problem, as soon as it rains it gets worst in the hall ways its unbearable. The leasing office crew is very rude,busy, and unprofessional. If you need anything accomplished you will have to call Corporate to put fire under the onsite personnel here's the #770-952-1400.During my stay I was withchild and bc the apts are built on a hill there are exactl 42 steps I had to climb everyday, until my doctor said if I dont stop I could lose my child bc it was wearing on my womb. All though Corporate allowed me to transfer apts and waive the 350 fee, I still had to pay 250 for another deposit(if it applies to you), and bc it was a later date the leasing office wanted to down grade me to a 2x1 1/2 for more than i was paying for a 2x2. Also advised rent goes up every weekend. Example. Current rent 2x2 673 transfer to another apt 2x1 1/2 with less stairs move in on aug 7 rent 670 aug14 rent 690 aug 21 rent 710 aug 28 rent 734. the apts are ROOMIE again not worth anything over 650. this totals are not including the $30 water you have to pay with your rent. I choose to terminate my lease early. Also a bit of information the apartment specials sound great they offer you when you move in example month free rent, etc etc. but if you terminate your lease you have to re-pay that back!!!! Please do not move here there are PLENTY of WELL WORTH YOUR MONEY APARTMENTS IN THE AREA EVEN ON THE SAME STREET.

Last Updated: 07/29/09

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