1475 Sand Bay Drive, Atlanta, GA 30331
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01/27/2014I have lived here for two years. I have never had any major problems with the exception of the rude Police Courtesy Patrol . I do worry sometimes about the letters that the staff stick in the door, about the crime that takes place here. I love my apartment and do not get me wrong crime happens everywhere. But home invasions, car jackings, car break ins, and murders are a bit too much. My rent was increased by $50.00 last year and they are trying to give me another $50.00 increase. I do not think so. I will not be ... Full ReviewYES3.0
01/24/2014LET ME TELL.. THIS PLACE IS A JOKE. First of you tell us "this is a safe neighborhood" THAT ---- WAS A LIE!! Then you tell us that "we have police that's on duty" ---- THAT!! where is the police ... Full ReviewNO3.0
05/26/2013This apartment complex is deceiving. Beautiful apartments, staff is okay I guess, but that is as far as it goes. In the beginning, everything was good, no major issues. As time went on, it has gotten more 'hood'. I have ... Full ReviewNO3.0
04/09/2013I have been here going three years now. The living experience seems to be going downhill over here with the new residents moving in and as of lately numerous break ins, car jacking at the front gate and people getting ... Full ReviewNO3.0
01/09/2013I moved into Sandtown in 2012 and I will be moving as soon as my lease is up. Dont get me wrong, it wasnt a hell hole. It is a great location and great price. However, it is obvious that ... Full ReviewNO3.0
11/25/2012 My name is Michelle K and Sandtown Vista apartments are...NO3.0
10/15/2012 If you want to become a prisoner in a place you're...NO1.0
08/25/2012 For me, overall, living at Sandtown Vista has...YES4.0
07/25/2012 ***Excessive Entry under new manager*** If you want to...NO1.0
05/05/2012 When I first moved to Sandtown Vista Apartments, It...YES3.0
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Sandtown Vista Apartments is an apartment community located in Atlanta , GA .

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