2281 Midway Road, Douglasville, GA 30135
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11/10/2013My complaint with this property is first off it takes they months to make repairs. They have the worst system when it comes to paying for water and sewer. I worked out of town a lot so I would be home mostly on the weekends, and no one would be there, yet my bill was still between 40 and $50 dollars a month. I paid my rent in full every month on time, and left the Apartment in better condition than what I moved in and they still charged me once I moved out. They are some crooks, they have ... Full ReviewNO2.0
07/22/2012Horrible!!!! Rent is cheap but not worth it at all!!!! We have been living here since february 26,2012 and the first month was good everything was working, we were told we would be billed for the water we use based ... Full ReviewNO1.0
11/08/2011The Manager Terrell is a decent guy and seems to really want to do a good job, as does his staff. Sadly, the complex is old and there is potential for some AC issues. I lived there for nearly 3 ... Full ReviewYES3.0
04/05/2010my issues w home ridge are maintenance sucks and being on the 1st floor in the summer there are to many bugs being around so many trees and bushes and with my son going to crawling soon this is not ... Full ReviewYES2.0
09/26/2009I have lived here for 7 months. I awoke this morning to gang markings everywhere. When office staff was contacted they were not concerned at all and said it is probably just kids. My 8 year old son has found ... Full ReviewNO2.0
10/27/2008 I just wanted to to say thank you to the staff of Home...YES5.0
09/16/2007 I am presently living here everthing you see in the blog...NO3.0
06/06/2007 I have been living here for six years and now it's...NO3.0
01/22/2007 The residents/visitors hang out on the steps at all...NO1.0
04/13/2006 Here's a list for management: 1)please force...NO2.0
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Home Ridge is an apartment community located in Douglasville , GA . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Millwood Park Apartments ( 1.7 miles), Brookview Apartments (Formerly Oak Creek) ( 1.7 miles), and Stewart's Mill Landing Apartments ( 2.4 miles).

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