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02/04/2014Awful. Shoddy construction - I felt the floor bend underneath me as I walked. Lots of noise - lots of banging and very loud (at times painfully loud) noise from subwoofers in passing and parking cars. The apartment had a very cheap feel to it. I think my downstairs neighbor was a drug dealer. The staff were rude, uncourteous, disrespectful. Had to drive to a building quite a distance away to do laundry. The whole place had a very ghetto feel to it (I felt I like I was surrounded by ghetto transplants that had somehow made it to Norcross). ... Full ReviewNO1.0
01/09/2014Normally on sites like this you'll find biased opinions from angry tenants or leasing office workers anonymously writing reviews. So I suppose i should offer the most unbiased review i can possibly write in an effort to help you, the ... Full ReviewNO1.0
12/11/2013The apartments are now called the Atlantic at Medlock Bridge. Well I have lived here for 5 years from December 2008 until now. So far the experience here has been great except for a few minor issues. In the summer ... Full ReviewYES4.0
09/20/2013The Atlantic@ Medlock Bridge Formerly the Berkshire On Medlock Bridge,Funny how this place continually changes it name huh? Where do I begin. We have lived here for just at two months and during that short period of time have had ... Full ReviewNO1.0
06/20/2013Reasons not to move here: termites, roaches, silverfish, spiders, thin walls, horrible parking situation, complex has a contract with satellite company so you are stuck getting satellite or nothing (I prefer comcast), no dsl internet (have to get the expensive ... Full ReviewNO1.0
06/18/2013 The current name is The Atlantic Medlock Bridge. I was...NO2.0
05/13/2013 I recently moved into this apartment complex. I have not...YES5.0
05/08/2013 1.Termite infected community.I had termites coming out...NO3.0
02/24/2013 This community is now called THE ATLANTIC MEDLOCK BRIDGE...YES5.0
09/15/2012 I am a very disappointed resident! I moved into a...NO2.0
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Berkshire on Medlock Bridge is an apartment community located in Norcross , GA . It has also been known as the Alexander . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Summit At Dawson ( 0.0 miles), Berkshire on Medlock Bridge (formerlythe Alexander) ( 0.0 miles), and Arbor Mill Apartment Homes ( 0.0 miles).

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