2700 Summit Creek Drive, Stone Mountain, GA 30083
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03/28/2014I never even got the chance to actually move in and thank God because the madness started when I stepped through the door. Before my fiance and I got to Haverly we had an appointment for the staff to show us a loft. She said she had more than two available not only to show but also move-in ready. We say great, we set an appt. for March 17, 2014 @ 1pm. So we get there and a different lady (lady #2) says she only has one available to show but not ready to be moved into because others have ... Full ReviewNO3.0
03/16/2014This is my first apartment so I'm not sure if my opinion is valid or not. I actually like it here. I have a 2 bed 2 bath, and although a few things did break rather quickly (hole in shower, ... Full ReviewYES3.0
02/15/2014I had an ok experience here, the only thing that was wrong was the ANTS!!! They are literally everywhere!!!! DO NOT LEASE from here if you don't want ants all in your drawers in your room and in your clothes, ... Full ReviewNO4.0
01/01/2014If you don't like kids don't live here. Even if you like kids and don't have your own dont live here. Parents let their children run the parking lot with no supervision. Parents routinely leave the premises and lock their ... Full ReviewNO2.0
06/22/2013Run Run away!!! People get shot here and robbed every day! If u love your life and value your car and things & you want to keep it Run far away from this place. This is a DANGEROUS place to ... Full ReviewNO1.0
03/15/2013 Maintenance is HORRIBLE! Leasing staff is WORSE! NOONE...NO1.0
03/21/2013 They put an eviction on my acct and I never was...NO1.0
12/15/2012 When I moved in this apartment It lookes ok after one...NO1.0
10/27/2012 I have been living here for about 2 months now. Pros:...NO2.0
09/18/2012 I lived in The Haverly's in March 2011 October 2011...YES5.0
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The Haverly at Stone Mountain is an apartment community located in Stone Mountain , GA . It has also been known as Worthing Creek . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Highland Chase ( 0.4 miles), Shadow Trace Apartments ( 0.5 miles), and Wildwood Stone Mountain ( 0.7 miles).

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